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Chris brown did not smoke weed on stage : Charter House

Organizers of the Hope City Concert, CharterHouse, have categorically denied media reports that American music star, Chris Brown smoked wee during his performance at the event. The Grammy Award winning musician has come under a barrage of criticism after he marred his impressive performance at the concert

Tuesday night at the Accra Sports Stadium by smoking ‘wee’ on stage. Half way through his 90-minute performance, Chris Brown quizzed the over a thousand crowd, “How many of y’all smoked wee?”After that
question, he stated: “If anybody tripping on ya’ll smoking wee, f**k them.” The Don’t Judge Me hit singer then declared that: "Sh*t, I got my blunt right here” and pulled out a neatly rolled stick of marijuana, popularly called wee, lit the joint and drew in a large volume of smoke while a ‘mix tape’ of ‘wee songs’ played in the background. But Charter House, reacting to the huge public outcry the act has received issued a statement denying that the artist smoked marijuana live on stage. In the statement, Mrs Theresa Ayoade, CEO of Charter House explained that Chris Brown, as part of his act, “enacted a scene as he performed his song, Smoke Out The Brain in which he discussed the conflict that arises within a person when under pressure to do a vice like smoking, and to illustrate, lit up a slim cigar and pulled a symbolic puff.” She added that, “As the conflict rage on within him, we overhear his voice and other songs urging him to go ahead and smoke, while his inner voice is also overheard through the loud speakers, saying “Chris, don’t, it can make you crazy!” According Mrs Ayoade, Chris Brown symbolically goes ahead to ‘kill’ the lighted cigar by stepping on it, before falling to the floor, coughing. The act of stepping on the ‘cigar’, she noted, was to say that good triumphed over evil. She said act was “...misconstrued as Brown lighting and smoking marijuana in public.” “For the brief moment that Chris Brown stopped over in Accra for the concert, I can confirm that he comported himself. Indeed, his rider which spells out what he wants on the event night, listed strictly water and soda as his requirement, and spelled out ‘No alcohol’! “And, none was supplied to them. The cigar was only a prop he used as part of an act, which actually sort to caution against the smoking of ‘weed’,” The Charter House CEO concluded. However, Nii Ayite Hammond, Director of Productions at Charter House speaking to Joy News described the incident as unfortunate and that they had no knowledge of “such an act.” The incident, he added, has given them a reason to “from hence forth also add some very important clauses in contracts that we sign with artistes…which will prevent such activities from happening.”

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