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#GJNEWS: @Denswag & @SlimColour Set to Release their first track off the Cupid Mixtape

 SlimColour x Denswag a half of the Global Music Concept commonly known by their peers as (233GMC),which is a group of four(4) young energetic and talented upcoming arts who have been in the music field for some years now with popular songs like,shutdown,no one there,azonto tutorials and the likes has come out with a debut single called 'Irreplaceable' on the 'Cupid EP' which is to hit their fans and the whole nation coming out soon.

This is a must hear track which contains quality beat,flair,creativity and punchlines.They (233GMC) have been doing it,yes they have,but this time round they taking you to the next level.Make sure you dont  miss out on this one because is a blast,lrreplceable.
The mixtape,'Cupid' promise to give you nothing but good music,Music that anyone who has ears for quality music should listen to and carry across boarders.Keep your ears to the ground because the mixtape will soon been released.
The 'Irreplaceable' song talks about love,so ladies out there,go tell your guys how adorable they are and the guys,listen to the track and tell your ladies how much they mean to you.This is a track produced by 'Bigbiogh' of (233GMC) crew and the 'Cupid EP' on the whole has six(6) quality and massive songs which needs to be heard by people who can relate.
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Source:Cofy Dela

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