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#GJINTERVIEW: KobbyDope (@kobbydope) Talks About his life, RibCage Music and the Future.

In the Ghanaian music industry are lots of young new arts,but Cofy Dela of Ghjams news had the privilledge to interview one young and energetic man,called Kobbydope who has higher  aspiration to do Good music. Below is an interview I had with him.

Dela: Kobby,welcome to Ghjams news interview.

Kobbydope: Thanks bro, it’s an honour.

Dela: Who is Kobbydope?

Kobbydope: Kobbydope is a final year student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, studying Development Planning and has lived most of his childhood life in Kumasi (Bantama and Ashtown)

Dela: How long have you been doing music?

Kobbydope: From time immemorial, started writing in J.S.S but a bookworm then (writing stories about aliens) then started rapping lowkey in S.S.S but never rapped on stage, I had a rap battle in my third year at S.S.S and won and that brought the fame and the crown for the best rapper on the awards night.

Dela: When did you begin to do serious music?

Kobbydope: I started serious rapping (recording) just last year and signed to Sergio Inc managed by my friend Sergio.

Dela: How many mixtapes do you have to your credit?

Kobbydope: Only one(Ribcage)

Dela: Why the title ribcage?

Kobbydope: Ribcage because i placed my heart in doing this mixtape.

Dela: How many songs do you have on it?

Kobbydope: Eleven songs and one bonus and featured one Nigerian art (Viva) on the mixtape

Dela: Who is Viva?

Kobbydope: Viva is a Nigerian art who lives in the country now and studies Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Dela: So who did you enjoyed working with on the mixtape?

Kobbydope: Everyone including the new people i met because it was all fun.

Dela: Can you give a list of the artist you worked with on the 'Ribcage'mixtape?

Kobbydope: The artist included,Skills,Sedem,Hotjam,Trebla,Drilix,Philipa,Ko-jo Cue,Keizy and Lex Wealths.

Listen to friends with Benefit on Ribcage Music ft Keizy.

Dela: So which kind of people do you recommend listen to Ribcage?

Kobbydope: Anyone who has access to the internet can download and listen and lovely ears that loves to listen to good music.

Dela: What should we as music lovers expect next from KobbyDope?

Kobbydope: Bigger things, because i got a couple of singles lined up,as my management is working with blueprint and its getting bigger and better.

Dela: What does the future hold for Kobbydope?

Kobbydope (laughs):”Big man, big man” as in the sense that by his grace Ghanaians are beggining to embrace hiphop and good music.

Dela: In the nearby future, which artist would you love to record with and why?

Kobbydope:I would love to work with artists like Okyeame Kwame, M.anifest, Jayso, D Black, Paulina Oduro, Amakye Dede, Cwesi Oteng and Fokn bois, just because i love their hard work.

Dela:Do you wish to do only hiphop?

Kobbydope: I wish not to do only hiphop but good music.

Kobbydope promise to bring his fans and the whole nation nothing but good music only.

Dela:Thanks for spending time with me and hope you chase after your dreams.

Kobbydope: I am highly honoured.

Lovely people,you can download Ribcage exclusively at
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Source:Cofy Dela 

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