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#GJNEWS: 14 times Grammy Winner "Phil Ramone" dead.

Phil Ramone, the Grammy
Award-winning engineer and producer whose platinum touch included recordings with Ray
Charles, Billy Joel and Paul Simon, has died at 72.
Ramone's son, Matt Ramone, confirmed the death. The family did not immediately release
details of the death, but Matt Ramone says his father was "very loving and will be missed."
Phil Ramone was among the most honored and successful music producers in history, winning
14 Grammys and working with many of the top artists of his era. He was also an innovato who helped the CD displace vinyl as the
primary commercial format. His many soundtrack credits included "Flashdance," ''Ghostbusters" and "Midnight Cowboy."
   A native of South Africa, Ramone trained as a
violinist at The Julliard School and became a U.S. citizen when he was 12. He was not yet 20 when he opened his own recording studio.

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