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#GJNEWS: Facebook to launch own Smartphone.


The on-again, off-again chatter about a
potential "Facebook smartphone" is back on
According to multiple reports, Facebook is
hosting a mobile event at its Menlo Park,
Calif., headquarters next Thursday, with the
title "Come See Our New Home on Android."
TechCrunch says Facebook will unveil a
smartphone with a version of Google's Android
operating system that features deep
integration with the social network. Citing
"sources," the report says HTC will likely make
the device.
The "Facebook phone" has been the subject of
countless reports for years, even prompting
CEO Mark Zuckerberg to deny its existence.
If true, HTC has some experience working with
Facebook on special functionality for a
smartphone. Two years ago, the manufacturer
launched the HTC Status, which included a
Facebook button for instant access. The
iPhone features Facebook integration,
allowing users to easily share photos or send
messages directly to the social network
without use of the mobile app

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