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#GJNEWS: How LG Smartphones communicate with cooking appliances.

Using the power of 
RFID chips, LG wants t 
help smart appliances 
communicate with

Smart appliances have a proud cheerleader in
LG. They made the LCD fridge in Arrested
Development's Bluth model home, and they
just keep pushing toward the future, throwing
ideas at the wall, waiting for any of them to
catch on.
The latest development is a smart cookbook,
equipped with RFID chips that can
communicate "information of food" to another
device—something like LG's SmartThinQ oven.

In the patent application, LG eloquently
proposes that when a user tries to cook a
recipe from a cookbook, he or she "may cook
by guess because of insufficient information
of the book." A recipe with an RFID chip could
wirelessly provide some sort of useful time or
temperature info to the oven, so that you
don't burn your fish or undercook your bell
Of course, smart cookbooks have already been
available for about three years. Apple makes
one; it's called the iPad. Let's see if LG's paper
version ever manages to make it to market.

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