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#GJNEWS: Pusha T puts Drake in his top 5 Hottest MCs list

G.O.O.D Music's Pusha T recently shared his thoughts on today's rap game, specifically, what five hip-hop artists have things on lock these days.
While he included himself and Kanye West, Pusha named perceived music rival Drake in his top five rundown.

"If I had to just name out five right now, right now, who's just doing they thing, I would say myself," Pusha said. "I feel like I get busy. I feel like I do it in the spirit of hip-hop, I feel like I take risks -- I feel like Kanye West is definitely on that top ten, that top five because if you look at the top ten, four people on that top ten were influenced by what Ye got, including myself, ChainzSeanand Ye himself. So I think you got to put him in there. I think you got to put Kendrick in there. I think he's like, he's killing the game. I think you have to. I think you got to put Drake in there as well. You know what I'm saying? He's rapping. I think you got to put Ross in there as well just because his presence in the clubs, so on and so forth is heavy and his movement with his guys,Meek, he ushered them out, Wale, and stuff like that. I feel like that's five strong in different categories and you can even look at everybody for who they are and be like, 'Okay, I can see why he's thinking that.'" (Hot 107.9)

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