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#GJNEWS: Juliet Ibrahim(@julietibrahim) Attacks The Media

At best of her.” Juliet on the contrary said the lady is not a fan of hers. “A fan should be someone a person likes. Fans don’t go round insulting their celebrities. No one is perfect so I’m open to criticism but as a fan, the best you can do is to suggest not to insult your supposed icon. Instagram has no messaging but with the other social media I’ll prefer a fan sending me an inbox message when suggesting so we can understand each others.” She said on a friendly tone. “She insulted me that’s why I ridiculed her so she can feel how celebs feel when people like her sit behind a computer and insult us for no reason. They should never think for a second that we are different, we also have feeling and since the same blood runs through our veins, let’s treat others the way we’ll love to be treated.”


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