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#GHJAMS UPCLOSE: Dela Interviews Blurr (@mrblurr_) [Get Familiar]

Today, one vibrant and hard working young guy, loved and cherished by most Ghanaians especially with the youth and making waves through the Ghanaian music industry happens to be on the seat. Let's enjoy him as he tells us more about himself.

Dela: How do you do?

Blurr: How do you do sir?

Dela: (Welcome)

 Blurr: (Thanks boss.)

Dela: Who is Blurr?

Blurr: Blurr is a Fante guy who was born and raised in Kumasi, living a normal life and following

his passion with God given craft.

Dela: Which part of Fante are you from?

Blurr: Anomabo in the Central region..The first ever capital town of Ghana (Laughing)

Dela:( Great to know)

Dela: How many are you born into your family?

Blurr: Three (3) and am the youngest

Dela: How did you get into the music scene?

Blurr: It all started in SHS... I realized my potential when I started memorizing some songs in my head

Dela: Where did you have your Senior High School (SHS) education?

Blurr: Kumasi Anglican Senior High (KASS).

Dela: Were you having an awards night during your era?

Blurr: No..There weren't Awards during my tenure.... They were just fan fair and stuff

Dela: Did you ever performed during such functions?

 Blurr: Oh I did. Was part of a click called 'De Dons' we used to run things in school.  (Laughin).

Dela:( Nice to know)

Dela: What was the click so about?

Blurr: Strictly music. They actually moved me to rap because there was time we had to come up with a song so I had to bring something up.

Dela: How long has Blurr been inthe music industry?

Blurr: 6 years now.

Dela: I know you to have two (2) Mixtapes right?

Blurr: Yes, I have 2 mixtapes  out but am currently working on the third one

called "ManOnFire".

Dela: The first mixtape you released was "Withness My Progress", how did that project do when released?

 Blurr: It did great.... I was amazed to see the response of the public.

Dela: What song on the tape was your favorite?

Blurr: All of them, but "Massive Attack" and "Freemason" ft Kay_ara dominated the tape

Dela: Before we move to your second tape, "
Blurricane", how is "ManOnFire" different from the previous ones?

 Blurr: This new project has original beats and big features other than the previous ones.

Dela: Why the title "Blurricane"?

Blurr: "Blurricane" is the fusion of hurricane and blurr.

Dela: I hope your tape took them away like the hurricane? (Smiling)

Blurr: Yes! Exactly!! It took them by storm. Hurricane causes damage but “Blurricane” causes damages in a good way.

Dela: How many songs were on that tape?

Blurr: 13 songs

Dela: Which artist's did you feature on that project?

Blurr: Many.....

Dela: Can you make a list of few....

Blurr: Yh, Hotjam,Trebla, Drilix, Ko-jo Cue, Kay_Ara, Klu, MzFu, BarimaPages, Dakidflippa, Kibo......ect.

Dela: Is "ManOnFire" the only tape to be released this year?

Blurr: No, I am trying to release two (2) tapes this year.

Dela: What is your expectation towards "ManOnFire"?

Blurr: I have mainstream artists on that one too. I am hoping to get massive recognition towards it.

Dela: When should we be expecting it?

Blurr: 1st August.

Dela: What be the tile of the other tape?

Blurr:" The Blurricane Tape 2" (TBT2).

Dela: When is that one to be released?

 Blurr: Somewhere in December.

Dela: Womo Se (Them say) is gaining recognition and how is the feel like?

Blurr: It feels very great, because that when you know people appreciate what you doing. We have over 1000 downloads in less than a week and keeps pilling up.

Dela: (Good, that song is massive).

Blurr: (Thanks)

Dela: How was your expectation like when it was released?

Blurr: It was well planned for, didn't change plans and it come out good. Its video drops next month.

Dela: Hoping this is the first song released from "ManOnFire" tape?

Blurr: No sir, “Hardtypes” is the first

Dela: How is the feel always like when you are about to release a song?

Blurr: Expecting unbelievable response, something I don’t expect.

Dela: Are you a student?

Blurr: Yes sir

Dela: Where you schooling then?

 Blurr:  Completed Kumasi Polytechnic last year and hoping to further this year.

Dela: What inspires you most to do music?

 Blurr: Listening to music and my fans.

Dela: Which of your performances do you remember most?

 Blurr: Performing at OWASS

Dela: Why that performance

Blurr: All hands were up and cheering till I finished.

Dela: Where is your dream land?

 Blurr: Honestly! Its beyond expectations am taking from this continent to the rest of the world.

Dela: What is your worst performance?

 Blurr: That was long ago.. We went to a school to perform, when it got to our turn and our name was mentioned, the crow started leaving.

Dela: You are signed to Cue records, right?

Blurr: Yes.

Dela: Between which years?

Blurr: That is private for now. (Smiling)

Dela: Which label were you before?

Blurr: None, straight with Cue. I have been with Cue for about 4 years.

Dela: Which international art do you wish to perform with?

Blurr: J Cole, Kanye, Lamar, T.I and Ludacris

Dela: What should Ghanaians or your fans expect from you next?

Blurr: Nothing but positive music and art for their souls.

Dela: In the next years to come, how is Blurr going to be as music is concern?

 Blurr: Blurr is going to contribute a lot to make Ghana music go far.

Dela: Least I forget why the chosen name Blurr?

Blurr: My Blurr means a guy with speed and pace, undisputed and to see his works. You are going to pay attention in order to.

Dela: Your last words to your fans

Blurr: I will keep it short “Our time is coming”

Dela: Thanks for spending time with me and wish you catch up with your dreams.

Blurr: Thanks for having me and hope you catch up with your dreams too.