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#GJNEWS: Apostle T.B Joshua Predicts Ghana's Election Petition Court Case Results

The Overseer of the Synagogue of Triumphant Miracles and of the election petition court case. He said the judges will vote with a verdict of 6 – 3. These results were revealed to him in a vision after dry fasting for 40 days and nights on Mount Afadzato to seek God’s face and guidance for the community.

Tetteh Bondzie Joshua, a self-styled apostle and prophet, says he has predicted past events like the re-election of Obama, the Arab Spring, and even Boko Haram bomb attacks. He denies ever meeting any judge, and says his revelations come from St. Pamela, his church’s only canonized Probing further, he revealed that the court case in question, involving the election of a Sports Prefect at Otinibi 1 & 2 Basic Schools in the Greater Accra region, had seriously divided and polarized the community, with the threat of clashes by two different Asafo factions, to the extent that the DCE was prepared to call in reinforcements from Weija Police Command.

e said, the 9 elders of the village, who are acting as judges sitting on the case, were bewildered with the whole conduction of the school election, since after the ballot a rainstorm swept through the school, flooding it and scattering all the papers away. The headmistress of the school, Mrs Sophia Tsotsoo Armah, has appealed for support to re-roof the decrepit school building.

When asked who won, TB Joshua declined to comment, citing personal safety issues.