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#UPCLOSE: Humble dis A.K.A SpectacularFiyah

The music industry today has grown to accept all kinds of music genre of our time, today we getting to know more about one Dancehall artist born Habib Salifu but popularly known in the music industry as Humble dix. Let’s get personal with him as he tells us more about himself and what he plans to do with his music career.
Dela:    Welcome
Humble dix: Raatata
Dela: How are you today?
Humble dix: Am pretty good.
Humble dix: And yourslf
Dela: same bro
Dela: By the way who is Humble dix?
Humble dix: Humble dix is a dancehall youth and always a rep R2bees
Dela: Hope you are not just a rep of R2bess but you are signed on the label, right?
Humble dix: Right
Dela: Is dancehall your only genre of music?
Humble dix: Nope...Am a versatile artist so I blend, can even sing in Chinese. (Laughing)
Dela: Laughing
Dela: What is your real name?
Humble dix: I am born Habib Salifu
Dela: So why the name Humble dix?
Humble dix: Well, the name humble dix was giving to me by a friend weh back as I was young. It’s a very conscious name and very powerful as well because at the end of the day everyone deserves to be humble. Eventually not everyone deserve but we all must be humble and look up to the almighty. Am sure you trying to be Humble ini? So you see? Humble thy self.
Dela: Such a good name
Humble dix: Thanks
Dela: How long have you been doing music?
Humble dix: I have been doing music for like 10 years now but professionally 3 years now. I was doing music weh back in school but it was not professional and I was only known in Tema.
Dela: Such a long period
Dela: Having you been staying in Tema all your life?
Humble dix: Yes, I born and raised in Tema
Dela: How long have you been on the R2bees label?
Humble dix: I have been on the label since we started R2bees
Dela: For this long period of doing music, how many songs do you have?
Humble dix: I have loads of music but most of my songs are mixtapes, I have only 2 singles out which was leaked in 2011 and 2012.
Dela: So can you make a list of some of your mixtapes known to us?
Humble dix: Like I said before they are loads but to name few: Marcus garvey, don’t cry no more, sufferation, money mi ah pree, club time.
Dela: To talk about your singles which of them do you prefer most?
Humble dix: I love all my singles, because all of them are very good songs
Dela: What impact do you tend your music do for your listeners?
Humble dix: It’s all about good music, I and I come fi send Jah message to di people, mi come fi do Jah work through music.
Dela: What is the best moment you have ever had?
Humble dix: Hmmm... My concert in Tema in 2011 was my best moment; it was eventually a good look having bay artist fi come support mi.
Dela: What was the concert centered on?
Humble dix: It was promoting unity fi one and all
Dela: Talking of the good, let’s talk about the bad
Dela: What isthe worst moment you have ever experienced?
Humble dix: I lost my mum when I was young, that is my worst moment
Dela: So about that bro
Dela: How old were you when that incident happened?
Humble dix: Seven (7) years ago, life affi guan still bredda
Dela: Where did you have your basic level education?
Humble dix : Mante din school in Tema community 1
Dela: What of Senior High School (SHS) level?
Humble dix : Greenich in Tema
Dela: How was life in Greenich?
Humble dix : Growing up life was tuff, but I always managed to survive as well all know survival is a must. Mi couldn’t stand it by then but ghetto life thought me the realest knowledge
Dela: How many are you born into your family?
Humble dix : I wouldn’t wanna talk about that because my family issues is private to me.  
Dela: After SHS did you follow up to the university?
Humble dix : No, I didn’t and like I said, ghetto life thought me the realest knowledge. But I would love to go back to school in the near future as we all know education is a must so I will definitely go to the university
Dela: What should we expect next from you?
Humble dix : I want mi fans dem fi expect nothing but the best. My song ‘bends over’ ft galaxy king. Video drops before October and they should go download my mixtape club time on Am also working on my ‘alkebulan album’ which will drop next year
Dela: What is the meaning of alkebulan?
Humble dix : Alkebulan means Africa
Dela: Where is that name derived from?
Humble dix: Alkebulan is the oldest and Africa’s true name
Dela: What should your fans be expecting on the album?
Humble dix: Classic
Dela: Which artist should we be expecting you feature them on the said album?
Humble dix: Artist from Jamaica, R2bees, Sarkodie, Yaw Siki, Criss WadDelae and Under will be on the album.
Dela: Where is your dream land?
Humble dix: Ghana
Dela: Talking of R2bess, how many songs do you have as collaboration?
Humble dix: Two (2) songs, cry no more ft Paedae and Mugeez and wa mi guan ft Mugeez. That’s the songs out but we have other songs which is not leaked yet, it will be on the alkebulan album
Dela: Do you have videos to all those songs?
Humble dix : Not yet
Dela: Which religious group do you belong to?
Humble dix: Am not a religious man, rasta is a way of life that can be accepted by a person like humble dix: religion is division fi mi
Dela: So are you a rasta man?
Humble dix: Am not a rasta man but I live the life because it’s a way of life
Dela: What do you have to say to all your fellow rasta men?
Humble dix : All mi fans them should follow me on twitter @humbledix and on instagram humbledis and they should stay tuned to get all my updates.
Dela: Who then do you attribute your success to?
Humble dix : To myself and my dad
Dela: Is there anything you do alongside music?
Humble dix : Am a business man
Dela: How well do you combine your business with music?
Humble dix: I do my best, I support the business with music, in regards of making money and pushing myself to the limit
Dela: How often then do you visit the studio?
Humble dix: Almost everyday I am in the studio
Dela: Have you as an artist won any award(s) yet?
Humble dix: No awards yet
Dela: We were not nominated for the first ever edition of the base awards, right?
humble dix: Right
dela: What preparations are you then making towards the next base awards?
Humble dix: If I get nominated fine, but if I am not then I would have something to say to the organizers. Also it’s all about the music as the music will do the talking. I don’t fuss and fight
Dela: Who then in the music industry both local and foreign do you wish having collaboration with?
Humble dix: Wizkid from Nigeria (which hopefully will happen soon)
Dela: In the music industry now, who can you compare your success to?
Humble dix: I wouldn’t compare myself to no one. I am humble dix 
Dela: Your last words to your fans
Humbledix: All ni fans dem mi love. Keep supporting me and I promise I will make you all proud.
Dela: Thanks for the time spent with me
Humbledix: Ratata

Source: Cofy Dela