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#GJNEWS: Kwaw Kese, ‘F*** You Shatta Wale

Just when we thought the dust has settled and that everyone has left Shatta Wale’s business for him. The king of madness himself Kwaw Kese has thrown a strong punch at Shatta Wale for claiming to be the ‘King Of The Streets’.

For a long time Kwaw Kese held the title for being the king of the streets until recently Shatta Wale has proven worthy of the title as he’s got a huge following from all ghettos especially when it comes to the various beaches. Even though Kwaw Kese didn’t mention Shatta Wale’s name, he gave a clue which when thought of, will come clear that it was directed to no one but Shatta Wale.
He said on TV3 Mentor that ‘an artist who recently held a show at Labadi beach claims he’s the king of the streets .. fuck him‘. Bandana currently Shatta Wale is the only major artist who held a big show at the Labadi beach recently. It’s making us wonder, does he really want to beef with Shatta Wale? It has been trending on twitter. Check out some of the tweets below.
kwaw-kese-at-shatta-wale-01 kwaw-kese-at-shatta-wale-02