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#GJNEWS: The perfect chance to meet Sarkodie in person

Do you think you are the biggest sakordie fan or you may know the craziest sarkodi fan in GH. 

Then this is the perfect chance for you to meet your star Sarkodie aka " Obidipondid " in person. Get an exclusive signed copy of his #sarkology album and get " sarked" up.

The rules are simple:

Entry rules

1. upload 3 mins video of you showing and telling me why you are the biggest sarkoholic

2. share the link on twitter with the hast tag #SARKOHOLICCONTEST and mention @TEAMSARKODIE

3. best video would be selected and uploaded on my official YouTube channel here from which a new link will be sent to you for you to start sharing with your friends in order to stand a chance to win.

keep checking for final announcement with finalist

This contest is starting from Ghana for now and soon extend to my fans all over

You can send video links and questions to or mention #teamsarkodie on twitter.

upload your video with and include your emails and the above email so that we can upload for you. 

60% tally of view and like numbers counts towards your final verdict, so share the link.

You stand a better chance of winning the 40% vote from my team if you show extra ordinary reasons why you are the biggest fan. There are other surprising cool prices to be won so make sure you share the word.

Thank you and good luck @sarkodie

- peacefm