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GJNEWS: " Women are after Pastor Obinim" says Florence Obinim

Gospel musician Florence Obinim says too many women are after her husband who is a pastor even though they know he is a married man of nine years.

“I am a woman and I know when another woman eyes my husband
lustfully and the worst part is that this happens right at church” the gospel musician told Showbiz last Sunday.

According to the 33 year-old woman, she used to get worried over the situation and even picked quarrels with her husband - Bishop Daniel Obinim, founder and general overseer of international God’s Way Church - at the beginning of their marriage.

“I know my husband is a good-looking young man so naturally he will be an attraction to women but the rate at which they were after him was just too much. I felt insecure even though I knew he loved me very much”.

Now, however, Mrs Obinim says she is no more worried about other women eyeing her husband because she has come to realise they will never put a stop to it no matter what she does. She said it is her husband she will pray in order not to fall victim to any temptation.

“I have grown past allowing certain things worry me. I must confess I was having sleepless nights during the initial stage of our marriage because I was afraid of losing him to another woman but now I no longer worry my head because I have grown in the Lord”.

Speaking about a comment she once made regarding the high rate of marriage failures among female gospel musicians, the mother of three said most female gospel musicians are unable to stand firm when they encounter problems in their marriages.

Using herself as an example, Florence Obinim said she never allowed her husband’s controversial visit to a radio station last year to bother her too much at a time when everyone was bashing her husband.

“It would have been difficult for my other colleagues to come out of this crisis but I just prayed to God for direction and everything was just fine in a short time”.

Florence Obinim described her man as a wonderful husband. The Osoro Ne Mefie hitmaker told Showbiz that people are often surprised how she has been able to stay with her husband for nine good years despite controversies surrounding him.

“It takes a strong and courageous woman to handle marriage problems especially when you are in the limelight.I can say for a fact that nothing will let me lose my husband. I was not a star when he met me but I am who I am today because of him. He is a God-fearing young man and I love him dearly” Florence said.

Away from her marriage, Florence has just released her fifth album titled Anigye after making waves with songs like God Never Fails, Yesu Ba, Heaven Is My Home, Aseda, Awurade Akyire Akwan and Onipa Sombo. She entreats her fans to grab a copy of her new release.