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#GJNEWS:Armed Robbers Attack Former Vodafone Icons Winner

At around 1:30 am on Friday 2nd August in Tema, two armed robbers climbed the story building where
Noella Wiyaala, a vodafone icons winner in 2012 with Black and Peach, lives and entered her bedroom. 

Her manager, Mr Jonathan Paul sherran alerted by suspicious sounds, entered the room and confronted the assailants in the darkness and a struggle ensued as he attempted to apprehend one of the robbers.

The robbers were armed and blindly fired shots, but luckily none of the shots hit Noella or her manager. Mr.  Sherren continued to grapple with one of the robber as he fled the building by jumping off the balcony

The second robber was in the bedroom and escaped b opening the window and jumping out after having managed to steal a wallet containing about 200 gh cedis, a driver's license and an ATM card. The driver's license and the ATM card were later found at the roadside nearby.

The incident was reported to Golf city police station who went to the scene and recovered two bullets and are now searching for the suspects, one of whom abandon his red cap, red scarf and a dark green jacket on the balcony whilst struggling with Mr. Sherren.

" I thought I was living a bad dream and it took some few seconds to realize what was really happening. I wanted to do something, but they had guns. I can only thank God that no one was harmed", the shaken former vodafone icons winner Wiyaala revealed