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#GJVIDEO: Sarkodie tells BBC, “I invented Azonto”

This issue has always been controversial when brought up. Who actually brought about Azonto and does it even matter? Well well we all know it’s the Azonto dance which brought about the Azonto vibe and craze, Gasmilla is/was the best azonto dancer, Sarkodie and EL put in work but Fuse ODG and Itz Tiffany took it to the world and nobody can change that. Can Sarkodie stop saying he invented what he didn’t invent? SMH Watch the interview below.
Sarkodie speaks to BBC Africa’s Paul Bakibinga about the birth of Azonto. Generally light-hearted and relaxed, the interview among other topics centered on his career, and experimentation with the Azonto dance theme. “I gave birth to it but now people are taking it to the next level. “Azonto was meant to be but i was lucky to be the first person to bring it out.”