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#UPCLOSE: Interview With Strongman Burner

Out of nothing we get something, also a journey of a thousand miles begins with the desire to travel.  Today, we get to know how young and talented Strongman began his music career and where he is heading towards to now. Enjoy.

Dela: How are you today?
Strongman: I’m good
Dela: How long have you been doing music?
Strongman: Since 2008
Dela: Roughly how old were you?
Strongman: 15 years
Dela: Where then did you have your second cycle education?
Strongman: T.I Amass-Kumasi
Dela: How would you say life was when you were at school?
Strongman: Good
Dela: What actually inspired you to do music?
Strongman: I had passion for it
Dela: Who then supported your passion and your greatest inspirer?
Strongman: My mum now calls me star boy so I don’t want to let her down so she is my greatest inspire
Dela: How then did you combine both your studies and music at school?
Strongman: School is the main business whiles music is just a hobby so I do music during my free time and study when it is time for that.
Dela: Did you ever performed at school?
Strongman: Yes, numerous times, I started from S.H.S 2 to S.HS 4
Dela: Who was your experience like when you first performed on stage?
Strongman: It was not a new thing to me since I used to sing in the church when I used to be a kid around 8 years.
Dela: So you started sing at church at that tender age?
Strongman: Yes
Dela: Tell us now; what were your expectations when you entered the freestyle Saturday on radio (Kfm)?
Strongman: Initially it was my friends who pushed me into it so I took it lame, just passed through since they were disturbing me at school
Dela: So you mean you hadn’t planned for it?
Strongman: Yes, but later I was enjoying it after two weeks due to the judges good comments about me so that made me to aim for the spot.
Dela: Who in the freestyle Saturday could you say was a match for you?
Strongman: Ratty, the first runner up
Dela: What link would you say lied between you and Ratty?
Strongman: He was doing something similar to mine. Good rhyming, punch lines and twisting
Dela: (Great)
Dela: After immerging winner of the freestyle Saturday, what was next for you?
Strongman:  I was aiming for Ghana as a whole since Kfm's freestyle Saturday took place only in Kumasi.
Dela: Did you enter into the next big thing in Ghana contest right after the freestyle Saturday contest?
Strongman: No, I won freestyle Saturday on March 2011 and the next big thing commenced on March 2012
Dela: How was your responds when you entered into the next big thing contest?
Strongman: Initially I hated it since people's perception about hip hop in Ghana is the use of English to rap so I taught this one was the same
Dela: How then did you change your idea to enter into the contest?
Strongman: Azee my sound engineer sent my name to their short code so I decided just to try my luck
Dela: To talk about Azee, how long have you being working with him?
Strongman: I started working with him after I won the Focus freestyle Friday show in July, 2011
Dela: Are you signed to his label now?
Strongman: Yes
Dela: How was your experience in the next big thing contest?
Strongman: It was good and it has given me the platform to show Ghanaians what I have
Dela: What in particular has it add to your music skills?
Strongman: Well, I can do a lot of commercial songs and it has built my confidence now
Dela: Can you remember clearly the wonderful moment you had?
Strongman: Yes, when I did the funeral announcement
Dela: (That was creative and splendid)
Dela: Bad moment?
Strongman: When we were asked to rap on the topic 'Political Consciouness, Afrocentricity and General positivity'.
Dela: Why was that your bad moment?
Strongman: I couldn't deliver since I was sick that day and I also forgot my lines
Dela: What was running through your mind when you were done with your performance?
Strongman: I felt terrible and had a lot of pressure from my friends and fans
Dela: Who the contest did you find to be a challenge for you?
Strongman: T flow
Dela: (I taught right)
Strongman: (Yes, it is obvious)
Dela: What song of yours was your first commercial music?
Strongman: I started with Atenmuda
Dela: How did your fans respond to that?
Strongman: At that time I was not many fans so the responds was not good but they do download it my new tracks now
Dela: How did you feel when you were announced the winner of the next big thing talent hunt?

Strongman: I was very excited
Dela: What song was soon released after the contest?
Strongman: Felt good
Dela: Hope you have a lot of collaborations now?
Strongman: Yes, I am still on
Dela: Who have you enjoyed working with so far?
Strongman: (Engineer or Musician)
Dela: (Both)
Strongman: Engineer, I will choose Azee ahead of Hammer, Peewee and EL since I have been with him for so many years.
Dela: What of musicians?
Strongman: Musicians I will always choose Stone even though I am working on something with EL, waiting for Double since they are out of the country and would have one with Atimbilla.
Dela: So how can you describe the Ghanaian music now?
Strongman: It’s growing. Big ups to Sarkodie and Co.
Dela: What do you intend to do with your music career now that you are getting recognized in Ghana and beyond?
Strongman: I am still hoping to move forward.
Dela: Which of your songs now would you say is your favorite?
Strongman: Hmmmm, I like all of them but I will choose El classic over them all
Dela: You are a Kumasi boy, right?
Strongman: Right
Dela: Where in Kumasi are you from?
Strongman: Buokrom
Dela: Now to the koloma track, what is koloma?
Strongman: It is a South African dance
Dela: So what about that?
Strongman: A friend told me about so I decided to use it and see the outcome
Dela: How was the outcome then?
Strongman: It is doing great
Dela: It has been sometime now since you have released a song now, what should we expect from you?
Strongman: Two (2) tracks to be released soon this month
Dela: Are they all to be released on the same day?
Strongman: Yes
Dela: What should be our expectations from these two tracks?
Strongman: ‘Mo bzkx mad yxx
Dela: Can you make their titles known to us?
Strongman: (Laughing). Market 247 and Atta Adwoa
Dela:  Can you tell us something about Market 247 and Attaa Adwo?
Strongman: Market 247 is what goes on in the market and Attaa Adwoa is a danceable track about a girl who is disturbing a guy in a relationship, would like to live you in suspense
Dela: Are there any artist we should expect you feature on the said tracks?
Strongman: For market 247 am doing it on mine own and I am hoping to feature someone on the other but am not curtained with the person yet
Dela: Is there any special reason for releasing both tracks on the same day?
Strongman: Just because it has been long since I released
Dela: (Laughing, so you want to compensate your fans)
Strongman: (yes)
Dela: Can you make date of your release known to us now?
Strongman: Not yet (Smilling)
Dela: What should Ghanaians and your fans expect from you in the nearby future?
Strongman: They should expect a boom the last quarter of the year
Dela: Now, your last words to the people of Ghana, your fans and the world at large
Strongman: They should keep praying for me
Dela: Thanks for your time spent with us
Strongman: You always welcome

Source: Cofy Dela