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#GJNEWS: Can D-Black produce A Hit Single Without Featuring Any Artiste?

After most people are done with this article, they might think that I am being too controversial but I am not. The truth they say is harsh, but what else can a man do without it?
My concern today is on of the renowned English rapper who has gained recognition in the country and international market as well.

Desmond Blackmore popularly known in show business as D-Black is one of the few Ghanaian artiste who has won many awards to his credit both locally and internationally.
D-Black aka Alhaji Kiti is not known only for his music career but his business ventures too. D-Black again has been nominated in this years Channel O music video awards along with some Ghanaian counterparts which we are hoping for the best for them all. He also managed to appear in the Mnet top 10 rappers in Africa of which he became second on the chart list.
But my main concern is that, can the Black Avenue Muzik boss D-Black produce a hit single without featuring any artiste on it? This is one big question most fans are asking and I have decided to draw it into the brighter light.
He has lots of collaborations both locally and internationally and his Revelations album has also been recorded as one album that featured lots of local and international artiste. Most of his hit singles features other artiste with the likes of Vera, Falling, Dark clouds and the like, so fans if not all and some Ghanaians are asking if he can do same i.e. produce hit solo singles.
I personally want to throw this challenge to Mr. Blackmore to produce most of his hit singles by going solo. The controversies people might have is that Alhaji Kiti does produce songs being solo but the question here is how far does these songs go as compared with other artiste? I am a fan of yours and Ghanaians do appreciate what you. Kudos and keep working hard.
[Credit: Cofy Dela]