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#GJNEWS: How much each Kumawood actor worth

Kumawood simply means movies made in Kumasi and the movies are mostly done in the local dialect, Twi. Many gave thumbs up to the Kumawood industry as saving Ghana movies during the time when Nigerian movies were all over the place, others also say
the Kumawood movies lack originality and it is actually killing the movie scene in Ghana.

The actors and actresses are making a decent amount of money for themselves in their career. They are stars in their own domain and mostly disassociate themselves from the Ghallywood stars.

A few actors in the Ghallywood section try to mingle and have a movie or 2 with them but there are just a handful of such projects.

Kumawood movies have their own awards since they feel disrespected and cheated at the general Ghana movie awards.

Popular stars in the Ghallywood section have bought themselves mansions and luxury cars by just doing the Kumawood movies. We researched how much actors in the field are paid per movie. Even though the numbers are not too big but from the speedy rate at which Kumawood movies are released, a simple mathematics could tell you that they are raking enough.

A Kumawood producer told us that a big budget Kumawood movie with at least 5 top stars will cost somewhere GHC30, 000 ($15,000) including advertisements and promotion.

Below is the breakdown of how much some of the most watched Kumawood stars take home.

Agya Koo

He has reigned for a long time. At a moment, several issues tried to bring him down but he’s the top-earner in Kumawood, during the time when he was on the very top, rumors had it that he will take nothing less than GHS10, 000 but currently he makes GHS5, 000 per movie. Not bad for someone who has been replaced by many.