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#GJNEWS: Sarkodie (@sarkodie) Presents 30 Songs On ‘Sarkology’ Album

Strategically getting fans and non-fans alike inundated in his next Studio Album ‘Sarkology’, Sarkodie has given all and sundry reasons to itch for his next project.
According to Team Sarkoide,
there will be 30 songs on the album, something new to contemporary music lovers in Ghana.

Already, songs from the album like ‘Lies’, ‘Currency’, ‘Illuminati’ are on the playlists of DJs in the country.
‘Bounce’, another song on the 30-track-album will be premiered to the world via video, just like how ‘Lies’ was presented.

According to Team Sarkodie’s Cordinator, Sellassy, “this video is more expensive than ‘Illuminati’, his sources told him, and three times nicer than ‘Illuminati’.  Most of the videos were shot outside Ghana, Sellassy detailed.

Sarkodie who poked his fans about the release of the video this morning via his Twitter page announced: