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#GJNEWS: Terry Bonchaka lives on after 10 years

October 20 would be ten years after the unfortunate demise of musician Terry Bonchaka.

A grandson of former Ghanaian Speaker of Parliament,
Peter Ala Adjetey, Bonchaka couldn't survive a car accident in October 2003.

“Terry Bonchaka was a vivacious, lively, bubby full of fun type of guy that I knew very talented, very energetic. I never saw him with any frown on his face.

With all the years that we worked together, Terry was so much fun to be with, I handled Terry right from the beginning,” producer Zapp Mallet once spoke fondly of him.

“I was close enough to Terry musically. Terry had so much in him, he was somebody who would wow a crowd, he could just swing a show towards his side and carry the whole crowd and carry the day. That was one of his big strengths; he was on top of his game.”