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#GJUPCLOSE: Cofy Dela's Interview with Kojo-CUE (@kojo_cue)

The Hip hop scene now in Ghana is reaching its peak; this cannot be done alone but done with a lot of people with the same Vision. Today Ghjams is interviewing one of the most anticipated hip hop artist who turns to be an inspiration for most young and upcoming artiste especially the Kumasi based ones. He is nobody rather than our own Punchline King, Kojo_ Cue.
Enjoy the interview below:

Dela: Welcome to Ghjams interview

Kojo_Cue: Thanks bro

Dela: So Kojo are you a student?

Kojo_Cue: Yes I am a 4th year student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism

Dela:When this whole rap thing did began?

Kojo_Cue: Started in JSS but it got serious in my last year of SHS.

Dela:  So when did u start serious music?

Kojo_ Cue: 2010, where I did my first professional recordings.

Dela:  Was it just a track?

Kojo_Cue: It wasn’t a track; it was the recordings that become my first mixtape album…
N.A.T.H.A.N (acronym for Now And The Here – After Nigga).

Dela:  It contained how many songs?

Kojo_ Cue: 12 songs and 4 of them were original songs.
(That actually got me introduced into the hip-hop scene in Ghana and my fans)

Dela: Where did you complete you Senior High School?

Kojo_ Cue: Kumasi Anglican Secondary School (KASS)

Dela:  Did you ever rap at school?

Kojo_ Cue: Yes... I only performed once in SHS

 Dela: Did you win an award on the wards night?

Kojo_ Cue: Didn’t win an award but all the rappers knew that I could rap

Dela: Which part of the country do you hail from?

Kojo- Cue: Kumasi, Bantama to be precise

Dela: Why the name Punchline King?

Kojo_ Cue: I was given that name by DJ Slim after I freestyle on his shows... I was giving him so many punchlines he had to hear two times to understand so he dubbed me the punchline King.

(Dela: That’s massive)
Dela: I no you are signed to Cue Records, Right?

Kojo_ Cue: Yes, that is right

Dela: Is that your first label?

Kojo_ Cue: No, I used to be Primitive Music and I left

Dela: Between which years were you with Primitive Music?

Kojo_ Cue: I was with Primitive Music from 2010 till beginning of 2012

Dela: Why did you leave Primitive Music?

Kojo_ Cue: I left because our marketing and promotional goals were not the same… They wanted to market me mostly to the outside world over the internet and I liked that idea but I believed that we had to start at home and on radio

Dela: In terms of ideas, how is Cue’s own to yours?

Kojo_ Cue: Yes, they have the same ideas as mine... So everything is working out as it should in the meantime

Dela: I know you have five (5) mixtapes

Kojo- Cue: No, seven (7) but two (2) were not serious projects so I have five (5) serious mixtapes

Dela: Mention them in order?

Kojo_ Cue: Ok, N.A.T.H.A.N, N.O.N.A, Now and Forever, The Wait, Before We Shine, 4 Play, Before We Shine 2.
(4Play and The Wait were not serious projects)

Dela: I know all these are massive projects, which is your favorite?

Kojo_ Cue: Before We Shine 2, because it’s the best out of the bunch but I also had a soft spot for Now and Forever.

Dela: Have you ever tried featuring any one outside the country (Foreigners)?

Kojo_ Cue: No, no foreigners on any of them.

Dela: Do you have any collaboration mixtape with Fatao Cue?

Kojo_ Cue: Yes, there were songs originally recorded for BWS2 but didn’t make it, so he complied them into a mixtape called ‘Touch Of Magic’.

Dela: So you did this together?

Kojo_ Cue: It is just a complilation of my unreleased songs with Fatao hosting it.

Dela: Have you won any national award yet?

Kojo_ Cue: No, I haven’t

Dela: How was the feel like when you had the ‘lie ben’ song with Asem?

Kojo_ Cue: It felt great, the two of us had been compared for a long while so it was great for us to get together and work and give the fans something to smile about.

Dela: (That was an exceptional one, kudos)
Kojo_ cue: (Thanks bro, I appreciate it)

Dela: How did the song do on the internet and on the local radios?

Kojo_ Cue: Incredibly well on the internet, with 20,000 and over downloads and radio did well too. Considering, I didn’t send them copies but it’s still being played.

Dela: Considering those whom you have worked so far with, whom have you enjoyed working most with?

Kojo_ Cue: So far I have enjoyed working with Klu the most because we have incredible chemistry and Stone of Bradez too.

Dela: Do you only do hip hop music?

Kojo_ Cue: No, I also do Afro- Pop, Highlife and Blues

Dela: Least I forget, which of the songs that you have produced is your favorite?

Kojo_ Cue: I love every song I have produced so far and do not have a favorite

Dela: So which people or person do you wish to work with now?

Kojo_ Cue: Right now I have worked with anybody … who is willing to work and I have a few line up

Dela: Can you make the list known to us?

Kojo_ Cue: Okyeame Kwame, Killmatic, Lil Shaker, Lousika.

Dela: So how do you see hip hop and your career in the years to come?

Kojo_ Cue: Hip-hop is gradually becoming the major genre in Ghana and my career, is bright.

Dela:  Now, tell us, who is the lady behind your success?

Kojo_ Cue: (Laughing)
I am not sure she wants the attention, but there is a lady, a lady pharmacist. That’s all I can say

Dela:  (lucky you)
Dela: Wishing you attain tour dreams
 Kojo_ Cue: Thanks bro, wish success for you too

Source: Cofy Dela