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#GJGIST: Kanye West uses profane words at 'Jesus Christ'

Kanye West, after receiving worldwide flak for naming his sixth studio album 'Yeezus' (Jesus) and also using a smashed Jesus piece as the album cover, has kicked off his 'Yeezus Tour' with a Jesus Christ

The rapper kicked off the tour in Seattle, USA, Saturday night and interestingly, the key point of the event on the night was an act that preceded the performance of his hit song, 'Jesus Walks'.

A man dressed in robes and looking like Jesus Christ emerged on stage and walked to Kanye West. A conversation then ensued between the two.

On seeing 'Jesus', the 36-year-old rapper burst out and shouted, "Oh Jesus is that you? I've been looking for you my whole life men."

The Jesus look-alike responded, "But I've found you..." to which Kanye West then said, "Oh sh*t I can't believe it, I mean fu*k...Jesus...oh sh*t"

'Jesus' explained to the rapper that, "I didn't come to make bad people feel good, I came here to make dead people feel alive. To show people life, that's all I need from you to show people life, the truth and beauty," and then he walks of stage.

In the midst of loud cheers from fans, Kanye stood on stage still for while and then goes down on his knees as his 'Jesus Walks' song starts playing. He then rose and performed the 'Jesus Walks' song.


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