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#GJGIST: Strongman(@Strongmanburner) To Release “Attaa Adwoa”

One of the most sensational and creative musician in Ghana now; Strongman, after a long silence is set to release “Attaa Adwoa”.

The untouchable rapper, stayed true to his words after having an interview with blogger, Cofy Dela some months back to break his silence with a single which features the “Seke” hit makers; Dobble.

Strongman presents “Attaa Adwoa”, a song which has the same title as the hit single from Okomfuor Kwadee that took the whole nation by storm some years back, but this time, his “Attaa Adwoa” will repute like a volcano.

The Next Big Thing In Ghana Hip Hop Winner is alleged to release the most awaited track next week. Stay alert and don’t miss it.

[Credit: Cofy Dela]

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