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#GJNEWS: I Can’t Marry– Jim Iyke Tells TB Joshua

Ghanaians talk. They really talk. And several Ghanaians have not stopped talking about Nigerian actor Jim Iyke after he was seen in Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in
Lagos last Sunday, being delivered from what the church described as demons.

During the deliverance, Jim Iyke was heard telling the church that he could neither fall in love nor ever get married to a woman.

This statement has generated some heat in Ghana because for close to six months now, speculations in Ghana had been that Jim Iyke and actress Nadia Buari were in a love relationship leading to marriage.

Therefore, for him to be heard saying he could neither fall in love nor get married was rather curious.

Jim Iyke being prayed for at the SCOAN
Jim Iyke being prayed for at the SCOAN
SCOAN has however explained that during such deliverance sessions, it is not the person being delivered that is actually speaking but rather a demon that is manifesting through the person being delivered.

The only statement Jim Iyke made about his experience at SCOAN since Sunday was what he wrote on his tweet account: “It’s Beautiful that’s d least I can say. Nothing else truly matters.

Absolutely nothing! God liveth whether you’re a believer or not. #bless”“Met more miserable billionaires than unhappy mid-income earners. Success is relative. I want it wholesome. Is either ur bond or free. #Urchoice!”

Below is a transcript of the verbal exchanges between Jim Iyke and the pastor praying for him during the deliverance.

JIM: He is too big. He is too wealthy. He loves God too much. If I let him go, where would I go.

PASTOR: What do you want to do to him?

JIM: Destroy him.


JIM: I have to destroy him. His God has kept him alive. I have done everything possible to destroy him but he is too stubborn.

TB Joshua
TB Joshua
PASTOR: What are the things you would use to destroy him?

JIM: He would never get married. He would never get married. He would never get married. He can’t love anybody.

PASTOR: What have you done to his career?

JIM: I have tried to destroy his career but he keeps rising every time. I can’t breathe. Listen I can’t let him go. He would never go. I would never let him go. Don’t you understand? This one is the biggest of them all. This is God’s glory. If I let him go, everything is gone. I can’t let him go.

PASTOR: No, it is time for you to go. Out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Out in the might name of Jesus Christ.

JIM: I won’t let him go (he struggles with the ushers, breaks free from them and starts running away. The ushers give him a hot chase)

PASTOR: Come back here. (Ushers grab him) Look here. Look here. Look here.

JIM: I can’t look at you.

PASTOR: In the name of Jesus, out!!!

JIM: No. No. No. No. (Jim starts spilling all over and rolling on the floor. He finally falls)

PASTOR: Thank you Lord in Jesus name. (The congregation starts to clap. Jim lies on the floor for a few seconds. Pastor lends him a helping hand to stand) Rise up sir. Rise up. You are free (congregation claps some more)

JIM: (Jim quickly springs up, and asks the ushers) why did you take off my shoes? What is wrong with you guys? Get me my shoes mennnn, can’t you see it is embarrassing?

PASTOR: Don’t worry sir. It is okay, you are saved. The man of God would like to talk to you after the service.

JIM: Thank you sir. I was sitting there. (Jim was ushered to his seat. He kneels down and hides his face)