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#GJNEWS: Wanlov (@wanlov Questions Mahama CNN Pix

Controversial singer Wanlov the Kubolor has questioned the relevance of a picture President John Dramani Mahama took in front of the studios of Cable News Network (CNN).

Since the picture of Ghana’s first gentleman posing
in front of CNN’s logo emerged on social networks, various Ghanaians- both  political and apolitical- have had mixed feelings about it.
President Mahama after an interview with CNN’s Fionnuala Sweeney on issues affecting the country and the African continent, decided to pose for his personal photographer for a picture  in front of the company’s logo.

But the penis showing Wanlov the Kubolor who together with his lyrical twin M3nsa came under serious condemnation after their nude picture popped up on social platform, says if Ghanaians thought his nude pictures were worse, they should also consider Mahama’s picture equally.

The ‘Bee Cheese’ singer, who is popularly known for his controversial nature, tweeted saying “Which is worse? @foknbois nude pic or President Mahama’s @CNN photo?”
Perhaps Wanlov’s tweet goes to explain his earlier assertion that Ghanaians have a lot of social issues to solve than waste time on nude pictures.

Wanlov first showed his hairy penis on the ‘Delay show’ which was aired on national TV. After some three years, another picture popped up with the two artistes—Wanlov and M3nsa—holding hands at the beachside. Both acts attracted a heavy downpour of verbal assaults on them.

Meanwhile, most political activists from the various political parties in Ghana have argued in different directions about the President’s picture with some condemning it and others saying there is nothing wrong with it.

President John Dramani Mahama is currently in the USA and has been meeting the Ghanaian communities in some states including Atlanta.

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