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#GJUPCLOSE: Cofy Dela's Interview with Cabum (@cabumonline)

Patience they say, is truly virtue and what you got to do, you must make sure you accomplish it. With passion and determination you shall surely get to your target point one day. Relax and enjoy the humble begin of Cabum and where he is heading towards to.
Dela: What genre of music these Cabum do?
Cabum: Man you don’t need to ask because Cabum does hip hop and also good music
Dela: What has been your inspiration?
Cabum: Everything, especially real life. It all started from J.H.S, you know we used to mime people like Redman, Methodman, has, Eminem, 2pac, etc
Dela: Tell us how you began?
Cabum: One day I was listen to the radio and heard them talking about a competition of who

can rap about valentine, people were calling 2 rap but to me it was crap so I wrote sum bars n was not using a cell phone so I had to rush 2 the communication but soon I got there the show was over (that was a long story you know)
Dela: Which year was that?
Cabum: 1999/2010
Dela: when did u start professional music?
Cabum: 2002
Dela: What do u do when is not music?
Cabum: Hmm, don’t even no oo, because music is everything to me, without music I don’t think I can do anything else but am good at marketing too but not sure about that or a preacher
Dela: Do u preach?
Cabum: Yes, if u listen to ma it will tell u everything
Dela: You were formally with Frimpong Mmrantee, how about that now?
Cabum: Yes, me and my brother (Kofi Kapone) Dela: How far with the group now?
Cabum: Eeeemm, we r solo now but will be together soon for an album
Dela: How did Frimpong Mmrantee came into existence?
Cabum: Is all about the legacy of your father the legendry Alhaji K. Frimpong
Dela: How long did the group last?
Cabum: Till 2001
Dela: Why did you people go solo?
Cabum: Unfortunately our father kicked the bucket, so things became tough for us and my brother moved 2 Tema so then it became hard for us to see ourselves so I got this idea that why don’t we go solo, so I discussed with him that I want to go solo and he said cool and that he trust me and it really worked.
Dela: Which instrument can you play best?
Cabum: I am down with piano
Dela: What is your real name?
Cabum: Frank Kwame Gyasi an I was named after the legendry Dr. K Gyasi, the first person who introduced keyboard to Ghana music
Dela: Are u with Xtacy Records?
Cabum: I have lay law with Xtacy now but we still have something to do in the future, the sky is not even the limit. We only need life.
Dela: Rumors came out that you were signed to OM studios n 3121, how about that?
Cabum: I am off working with OM now and Foly too be my boss
Dela: What is your relationship with Cue?
Cabum: Cue and I are like a family, I started with Peewee before all these came in so we have been working for a long time
Dela: so you are not signed to his label?
Cabum: No, but I work with them as a family and as a team
Dela: You are currently dating, true or false?
Cabum: True because I am always updated
Dela: Any nominee yet?
Cabum: I have no idea but den I leave everything to Jah
Dela: Any albums or mixtape albums?
Cabum: Yes
Dela: How many?
Cabum: The ones I remember and the ones I don’t even remember, can’t tell because I have soo many songs so I will say I have mp10
Dela: Your favorite engineer in Ghana
Cabum: Peewee n myself, I like Appiatus and Humma of the last two (2)
Dela: How long have u been engineering?
Cabum: For a long time
Dela: How did that begin?
Cabum: I started in Atonsu with a friend of mine, throuh him I got 2 no Peewee but he is in abroad now, he was Flames and Akwabena aka Cnn
Dela: Any songs you have produced?
Cabum: Soo many, I do most of my beats by myself
Dela: Can you make a list of some of the songs you have produced?
Cabum: Devil in my temple, Y3 b3 hire wall, Fano normal, wo y3 long etc.
Dela: Where did u get your inspiration for the Devil in my temple song? (Kudos for that song)
Cabum: Uneasily Eminem, but then I tried to do it in my way
Dela: How far did it that song go?
Cabun: Has gone far and trust me still going far, I give thank to God and everybody who supported it
Dela: Your toughest challenge
Cabum: The challenge keep coming everyday and night but you know I was born to win so I don’t really fear nothing.
Dela: Which female artiste in Ghana is your favorite?
Cabum: Eno, Lousika, Kaaki and also Abrewa Nana
Dela: What would you say is a plus for Ghanaian music as at now?
Cabum: I like what Shatta Wale is doing (everything he is doing), I want to say a big shout out to my best rappers like Paydae, D black, Siza, Kokovely and then Oduro and much respect to people like Trigmatic, Sarkodie, Edem, Okyeame Kwame, Obrafuo and Yaa Pono
Dela: How do you see music in Kumasi now?
Cabum: Cool
Dela: Why do engineers have to move Accra before their artiste become known?
Cabum: Because the help here is not enough
Dela: What should we expect the future of Cabum to be?
Cabum: Like I said, the sky is not even the limit, the most important thing we need is life. That is all
Dela: How soon should your fans expect your joint album with Kofi Kapone?
Cabum: Very soon, after my album
Dela: When is your album dropping?
Cabum: Can’t tell now
Dela: Your last words to your fans
Cabum: I love them, they have been supportive since day one, I really appreciate that, and for the kids they should go to school stay in school and then they make sure they don’t do drugs.
[Credit: Cofy Dela]

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