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#GJUPCLOSE: Cofy Dela's Interview with Looney (@looneegh )

Hip hop music in Ghana is gradually getting to its peak with young talented individuals of various skills and knowledge of music, one of the names that comes in mind when these individuals come into display is a one time nominee for the 4syte music video awards, Anthony Dotse, popularly known as Looney. Let’s get to know more about him
Dela: Wecome to the hot seat
Looney: Pleasure is all mine and thanks for having me
Dela: Hope you are good?
Looney: God’s grace chaley, hope you are too?
Dela: By the grace of God I am.
Dela: How long have you been doing music?
Looney: Non-professionally, like since I was in junior high school (hat was in 2003 thereabout), but professionally I would say since after senior high (that’s 2007 there about)
Dela: Why music?
Looney: Everyone loves music, Kids, adults, everyone. At a point or another you will find yourself singing along to a song or even trying to create your own song.

I believe is a gift that comes to you. If you identify it then you are blessed, and I thank God for opening my eyes to identify I have that gift
Dela: So is that what motivated you to do music?
Looney: I get my motivation from everything that happens around me, but I have learnt to be self motivated. I also get motivation from the good works others do
Dela: Can you tell us about your educational level?
Looney: I attended Pope John Senior Secondary School (now Senior High School) then proceeded to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Dela: Did you ever performed at school?
Looney: Many times I even use to dance before I discovered I could rap. I was even in the entertainment committee when I got into my senior year in Pope John
Dela: What is your real name?
Looney: My real name is Anthony Dotse. (It is funny because people go like “What?”, When I mention my real name. The say I don’t look like an Anthony) may be they have heard the Looney so any times.
Dela: So why the name Looney
Looney: “Looney” was given to me one of my seniors back in school when I entered into PJ. You know back in Senior Secondary School, especially in boy schools, almost everyone had a nick name and it was very hard to locate students using their real names. A senior asked if I had one and I said no. Me personally I used to joke a lot so as to get out of trouble, hence the name “Looney”
Dela: What then does “Looney” means?
Looney: It means silly, and in hip hop if you say a “tune” is silly, it means dope. So silly tunes, Looney tunes and that made sense to me. I also decided to keep the name because, after school I thinking about changing when I met Jayso’s cousin Myth. He asked me my name and when I told him he was like it was dope for an artiste name so I had to keep it.
Dela: Can you make mention of some of the challenges you faced when you began to do professional music?
Looney: Getting studios, from well known studios. The cost involved in recording, the labour in promoting your songs after they are done (and that the most challenging factor because if the Dj’s didn’t know you they wouldn’t play your songs) and the cost involved in shooting videos.
Dela: Which year did you get to met Myth?
Looney: In 2007, if I can remember clearly, was done with my Senior Secondary School education. Dela: How did he influence your music career?
Looney: Myth used to record with skillions and the whole of skillions old generation influenced my career in a huge way. I really looked up to them and I can say they were the marking scheme to hip hop in Ghana.
Dela: Learnt you completed Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology last year, right?
Looney: Right
Dela: You signed on Cryme records now, true?
Looney: Yes, proudly Cryme all day, everyday.
Dela: How long have you been with them?
Looney: Two (2) years now
Dela: How many projects do you have with them?
Looney: Two videos out, enjoying airplay on various tv stations including channel O, an EP with various songs playing on some radio stations in and of the country and on a lot of sites, and a number of singles
Dela: How many albums to your credit now?
Looney: Working on my debut album, first ever. Will be released later this year but have two mixtapes to my credit though but was done with other artiste not personal single mixtape
Dela: Can you make the titles known to us?
Looney: The first mixtape ”The new era” was during Senior Secondary School and the second “Behind Bars” was after.
Dela: Which of them was your favorite?
Looney: “Behind Bars” was my favorite, because I really had fun recording and putting these songs together with my fellow group mates.
Dela: Were you formally with ghetto rep music group?
Looney: I am still, just that we all working on our individual projects at the moment
Dela: Can you tell us about ghetto rep music group?
Looney: It’s a four-man group with individuals of various skills and knowledge of music. The group was put together in 2007 after we all got out of Senior Secondary School and the rappers are Looney the TKR, Boy Nash, Nova and Ecxtreme (now known as the Lyrical Wanzam)
Dela: Which artiste(s) in the local industry would you say it/are your favorite?
Looney: Locally, I would say El for his lyrical ability and song composition, Kwabena Kwabena for his vocal delivery, Mugeez for his articulation and uniqueness, Sarkodie for his persistence in the industry and consistence in the industry, D Black for his business mindedness, Efya for her style of her music, Menah and Wanlov the Kubolor for their free mindedness and creativity. I mean just name it, the list unending.
Dela: What of internationally?
Looney: I look up to Jay Z, Ludacris, Eminaem, Busta rhymes, J coleand a few others. I love most of them for the uniqueness they offer.
Dela: Who can you say is a competitor for you?
Looney: Unfortunately no one, because there’s only one of me. I compelled to say I am in my zone and that I refuse to be reduced to an imitation of something that already existed for I believe in originality. I feel I can’t be compared to any other
Dela: What genre of music would you say Looney does?
Looney: Looney is an artiste and a musician. He is inspired by all kinds of music, on condition that is good music. I will say he is into all sort of genres from hip hop, to highlife, to RnB to reggae but for publication and identification sake I say he is more inclined to hip hop and afro-pop 
Dela: Have you ever had a crush on any of the female artiste in the industry?
Looney: Oh yes of course, who hasn’t?
Dela: Who is that if I am know? (Laughing)
Looney: (Laughing), like seriously?
Dela: Waiting
Looney: Raquel, her body though. Something to write home about (covers face)
Dela: How was the feeling like when you were nominated for 4syte music video awards?
Looney: Well, I was very surprised because I had no idea my video had been submitted (big ups to clockwork team though) and I was excited as the same time as well, because thinking about it, there were really sick videos released last year and for mine to also get nominated with these videos, it was a great privilege.
Dela: How did you feel when you didn’t win that award?
Looney: Anyone in my shoes would have felt disappointed because everyone, including me, knew that award was mine but as the saying goes “Everything happens for a reason”. I give thanks to God though
Dela: Now, Tell me about your new mixtape with Lyrical wanzam
Looney: Yes, Xtremely Looney “XL”. Its actually an album and its almost than, we just putting some finishing touches it then we surprise the masses with our talent.
Dela: How many songs should we expect from this album?
Looney: Can’t disclose that though, its all part of the surprise (laughing) hope you guys will understand but can compensate you with some of the songs title though
Dela: Compensate us then
Looney: No be lie, yankee, make I see, pass that level, mind yourself, one gallon, ect. Dela: Due to your recognition now, how would you describe yourself?
Looney: Even though my recognition isn’t as massive as that of the so called “greats” in the industry, I wouldn’t say I’m underground, I have stepped out of that zone and now an artiste. That is my point of view.
Dela: Who on the local scene or internationally would you love to have a song with?
Looney: I would love to work with El and Mugeez locally; international, would love to jump on a song anyday with J Cole and the late Fela kuti.
Dela: This means you have to do that with Femi kuti his son (Laughing)
Looney: (Laughing), would gladly work with Femi, he is a great musician, no doubt
Dela: Any awards to your credit now?
Looney: For awards, not yet, more to come God I trust and God is my withness. More awards to come
Dela: Can you tell us something you would love the organisers of the Ghana Music Awards (GMA/VGMA) to change?
Looney: I am not saying they are bias but all I wish they do is to open avenues for more upcoming artiste as well because they are not doing enough for them. Every year we hear the same names and sometimes is frustrating. We beg them, no offense though.. I no go do shatta wale things. (Laughing)
Dela: Now, what is your future for Ghana music?
Looney: Not to brag but Ghana is too small for me. I am taking Ghana more international than she already is and I am confident about that. Looney will very soon be a household name I assure you.
Dela: Your last words to your fans
Looney: I would like to thank everyone of them for the countless support they have given to me in one form or the other and that I wouldn’t disappoint them, more good music and sick videos for them and more exciting activities from TRK. Dela: What should your fans expect from you next?
Looney: Dropping my joint album with lyrical wanzam soon this year then my debut album follows and also dropping a number of videos too this year. They should soon watch out from Looney the TKR
Dela: Thanks for your time and I enjoyed having
Looney: I enjoyed the interview too
Dela: God bless your hustle
Looney: God bless you and enjoy your hustle too

Source: Cofy Dela

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