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#GJUPCLOSE: CofyDela's(@CofyDela) Interview with C-Real(@C_RealGH)

Behind every rumor there is an amount of truth. Cyril Gockel popularly known in showbiz as C-Real gets to tell us about his projects and music career. Read to the end.

Dela: How are you today?

C-Real: Good

Dela: You welcome

C-Real: Thanks Dela

Dela: Can you tell us who C-Real is?

C-Real: He is an artist

Dela: Artist as in what?

C-Real: He is a music maker and a business man

Dela: How long have you been in the music industry?

C-Real: Since 2009

Dela: How has your experience been over these years of music?

C-Real: Phenomenal event though there have been challenges

Dela: What are some the challenges you do face as artist?

C-Real:  Distribution piracy, etc

Dela: You have make known to us that you are a business man too, what do you do as a business man?

C-Real: I own my own recording studio and my own multimedia company

Dela: Mixdown studios, right?

C-Real: Yes

Dela: Can you make known the name of the multimedia company known to us?

C-Real: It is a company under mixdown studios. The corporate part of the recording studio

Dela: What was your main idea of the establishment of mixdown studios and how long has it been in existence?

C-Real: It has been running since 2009 and the idea was to access the studio anytime

Dela: Now you are on Melo music, how true us that?

C-Real:  The is a collaborations in the works between Mixdown and Melo music but am not signed to Melo music

Dela: Is it also true that you are no more on J-Towns label?

C-Real: Please I don’t know J-Town had a label; I am not on anyone’s label. I am an independent artist signed to my own Music Production Company, i.e. Mixdown Studios. (Must be rumors)

Dela: Now, how many mixtapes dose C- Real have?

C-Real: Two (2), Project hip hop with El and Multiples of C

Dela: Is there any of them you did as a solo artist?

C-Real: Yes, multiples of C

Dela: Hope that was your first project?

C-Real: Yes

Dela: How many songs did you have on that project?

C-Real: 15 songs

Dela: Which of the songs on that tape did you have a strong attachment to it?

C-Real: What you wanna do was my favorite

Dela:  Why the title Multiples of C?

C-Real: The different sides of C-Real

Dela: Of late you and El have been seen around together, what is the relationship between you people

C-Real: Yes, we are good friends, and I like his work. He likes my work and we like working together

Dela: Talking about Project hip hop with El, how is it doing?

C-Real: Great

Dela: (Tell us about your album EMCEO)

C-Real:  I featured artist like M.anifest, J-Town, Bebelino, Zeus, Efya and Lousika

Dela: Was there any artist from Melo music featured on it too?

C-Real: Not really

Dela: Can you make the name of the specific people of Melo music you are have collaboration with?

C-Real: Since I am not signed unto Melo music I can’t disclose that information

Dela: To talk of the EMCEO album, how is it doing now?

C-Real: Is doing well

Dela: How many songs did you have on that album?

C-Real:  19 songs

Dela: Who among the artist did you enjoy working with on you album?

C-Real:  All of them actually. In different ways

Dela: What is EMCEO?

C-Real: A combination of an mc and a ceo.

Dela: What is C-Real’s real name?

C-Real: Cyril Gockel

Dela:  (Such a nice name)

C-Real: (Laughing, thanks)
Dela: Where did you have your second cycle education?
C-Real: St. Peters
Dela: Which African rapper would you love to have collaboration with?
C-Real: MI and Proverb
Dela: Who do think is a competitor for you as musician?
C-Real: None
Dela: Apart from yourself, who is your favorite male artist in Ghana?
C-Real: El
Dela: What would you say you have in common with El?
C-Real:  We are hard workers
Dela: Would C-Real have collaboration with an upcoming artist?
C-Real: No collaborations yet now doing solos
Dela: Can you describe your ideal woman?

C-Real: (Laughing, ideal woman?)

Dela:(Yes, your ideal woman)

C-Real: A woman who is an achiever. One who works hard and has a sense of humor and beautiful too

Dela: Have ever had a crush on any of the female artist?

C-Real: No

Dela: What has been your toughest challenge as an artist?

C-Real: Well I have to say trying to get my first mixtape on air

Dela: What transformation do you wish your music bring to Ghanaians and beyond?

C-Real: I want Ghanaians to appreciate real hip hop music

Dela: Tell us, is C-Real a virgin?

C-Real: No comment (Please let’s focus on the brand and music of C-Real)

Dela: What new products do you have out there?

C-Real: Still EMCEO but I have my new video out Opeimu which people should go out for it.

Dela: Your last words to your fans

C-Real: The fans should keep supporting me and thanks for loving C-Real

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