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#GJUPCLOSE: CofyDela's(@CofyDela') Interview With Ipappi (@PrinxiPappi)(BeatMaker)

Without hardwork, a perfect job is never achieved, and a journey they say also begins with a step; that is why a multitalented young guy with determination and perseverance seems to bring a change to the Ghanaian music industry with the introduction of house music and international songs mixed with Afrobeat. Don’t dull, get familiar with Ipappi.

Dela: What do you do for a career?

Ipappi: Am a music producer, rapper and a singer

Dela: How did this journey of music begin?

Ipappi: Started in SHS but professionally after school

Dela: Which year was that?

Ipappi: 2007

Dela: How well are you able to combine all these talents?

Ipappi: I don’t even know, but keeps coming; I started with rapping

Dela: How many mixtapes do you have to your credit?

Ipappi: Well, I am in a group and we have an album coming out

Dela: Really?  What's the name of the group?

Ipappi: C.O.D.E (Creativity Of Dynamic Entertainers)

Dela: How many are you in the group?

Ipappi: We are two and my other partner is called G. West

Dela: I hope this is your debut album?

Ipappi: Yes, we are focusing on House music with massive hits and something never heard before (Different sound, I mean).

Dela: What do you do during your leisure time?

Ipappi: Playing video games

Dela: As an engineer what has been your inspiration ever since?

Ipappi: Ryan Leslie and Scott Storch has inspired me

Dela: What differentiate you from other artiste as an upcoming art?

Ipappi: Versatility (Play almost all genres)

Dela: How would you describe your genre of music?

Ipappi: Strictly international with local breed

Dela: Who in the mainstream music industry have you got the chance to produce for?

Ipappi: Releasing one with Ryan of Vodafon Icons (Street Edition) winner and that tune is fire and due to release soon

Dela: Who can you compare your works with? (Both locally and international)

Ipappi: I don’t want to blow my horn but I compare myself to David Guetta now. A lot of Ghanaians are going say I am blowing my horn but they just got to wait till the album drop.

Dela: How long have you been with G. West?

Ipappi: Since 2009

Dela: Describe G. West

Ipappi: Tall looking dark guy

Dela: How has he contributed to the group?

Ipappi: He is a singer

Dela: How long has CODE been in existence?

Ipappi: Approximately a year and a half

Dela: what moment can you say is unforgettable in your life?

Ipappi: Lost almost half of the beats I made due to hard drive crush

Dela: What is the best moment of your life?

Ipappi: Working with Ryan of Vodafon Icons

Dela: How do you intend to make impact in the lifes of your listeners?

Ipappi: I want everyone to know how good music feels like and have faith in Ghanaian artiste that we can go far

Dela: Whatelse would you have done, if you weren't a musicain?

Ipappi: Computer Scientist I guess, cos I have a thing for computing too.

Dela: What should your fans expect in the next couple of years?

Ipappi: Good music at its best, simple as that.

Dela: How would you describe the Ghanaian Music Industry now?

Ipappi: mmm... I think its Gradually picking up

Dela: How do you expect the Ghanaian Music Industry to be in the years to come?

Ipappi: Go beyond boarders and let foreign investors invest more

Dela: What change would you have made if you had the chance to be part of the organizers of the Ghana Music Awards?

Ipappi: Be fair when it comes to awards, some people clearly don’t deserve their awards

Dela: Are you dating?

Ipappi: (eeii... Tough question) Yes I have and I do love her with all my heart 

Dela: Can you disclose her name?

Ipappi: Oh no, will make that personal

Dela: How positive has she been to your career?

Ipappi: Supportive, both financially and physically

Dela: Tell us something nobody knew about you

Ipappi: Nobody knew I play house beats (the kind of beats David Guetta plays) and they never thought someone from Ghana would

Dela:  Your last words to your fans

Ipappi: They should keep it locked down, support us and expect something unheard and unbelievable.

[Credit: Cofy Dela]

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