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UNBELIEVABLE: 8-Months Pregnant Woman Helps Team Defeat Opponent In Basket Ball Game (PICTURE)


31-year old Rebekkah Brunson who is 8 months pregnant and plays basket ball for the Minnesota Lynx, has lead her team to defeat the Atlanta Dream during the week. Rebekkah's due date is
November 8 and here is how her coach described her tremendous performance during the match.

 “She did it all—blocking shots, snagging rebounds, and absolutely dominating in the paint. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player just blow through the lane like that. No one could guard her.”

“When she threw her weight around down low, she was unstoppable,” Rebekkah was boxing out every other player on the court to get rebounds, and to do that against a team as good as the Dream was really something special.”

I think someone should sue the coach for allowing her play that game. What????

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