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#GJGIST: Don't compare me to a mad man like kwaskesse says Kontehene

Hiplife artiste Nana Kontihene has rekindled his long time lyrical fight with Fante Rapper Kwaw Kese. The “Aketesia” hit maker who has been silent over his ‘beef’ with Kwaw Kese for some time now, said there is
no way he can be compared to Kwaw Kese.

Speaking with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Kontihene stated that he is from a well-trained home whilst Kwaw Kesse lucks manners. “Where I come from Kwaw Kese cannot be compared to me. How can someone who said he is a mad man be compared to a chief or royal like Nana Kontihene?” He said he is better than Kwaw Kese musically, physically, mentally, and in everything in life he is far better than Kwaw Kese.

In an answer to why Kontihene would make such declarations, he said “I am wiser than him, I am more presentable as well as more educated, our way of dressing is even different and on top of it, I am more handsome then he is”.

“Kwaw Kesse is no friend of mine and we cannot be friends and I come from a home where manners are our hallmark” he added.When Abeiku asked Kontihene if he is implying that he is more handsome than Kwaw Kese, he said “Oh as for that I am not the one to say even his mother will tell him that”.

Kontihene went ahead to say that if Abeiku Santana wants to know who is nicer he should compare his picture to that of Kwaw Kese. “Look at the kind of hair on his head and look at mine. When he is talking, look at his face and his teeth and look at mine”, Kontihene said.

When prompted by the host that he is getting personal, Kontihene said if what Kwaw Kese said about him some years back was not personal, how can what is saying now be personal.

He said there is no way he would take a line from a senior artiste and describe it as “Yawa” but “Kwaw Kese is disrespectful and he said my song is yawa. Well am not sure he was referring to me because if he was referring to me my boys would have dealt with him long ago”, Kontihene said.

About 7 years ago, Kwaw Kesse said Kontihene’s raps are always not up to his verses. It’s like he is always short of words he is wack. He further mentioned a word of Kontihene “Migizigi” and referred to it as “Yawa” in his first single “Oye Nonsense”.

However, listening to Kontihene’s submission on the Ekwanso dwodwo show last Friday January 10, there is no doubt that he has kept it in him for a long time and was just looking for an opportunity to give Kwaw Kesse a taste of his own medicine.

Kontihene said most often went new artistes are coming up they turn to hit on the successful artistes at that particular time to ride on the name of the bigger artiste to become popular. So he thinks that the reason why Kwaw Kese did to him some years back. However one cannot tell if Kontihene’s strong words again Kwaw recently is also a stunt to promote his album “Munumkum”.

Kwaw Kese who is known for replying words like these against him, has not commented yet on the issue. Keep reading to hear what Kwaw Kese would have to tell Nana Kontihene this time around.


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