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#GJUPCLOSE: Cofy Dela's(@Cofydela) Interview with Lloyd Osei Baffour(Peewezel)

Lloyd Osei Baffour, known in showbiz as Peewezel is a Kumasi based producer who has over the years worked with a number of high profile and low profile musicians. 

The Ghana Music nominee moved to Kumasi in 2007 to pursue his music career as a full time producer/sound engineer. Some of the high profile artistes he has worked with include Sarkodie, Atumpan, Andy Dosty, Okyeame Kwame, Lousika, Bradez, George Spratz, Asem, Edem, YaaPono, Yaayaa, Tinny, Guru, QuabenaMaphia and some promising artiste like Ko-Jo Cue, Laxio, Cabum, Brenya, Eno,  MrEazi, Blurr, B-Gee, Deon, Eli, Kankam, ect and is currently the president of Cue.

Dela: Can you tell who Peewezil?

Peewezel: My real name is Lloyd Osie Baffour and Peewezil is my showbiz name. I am a producer and a director.

Dela: How did you come by the name Peewezil?

Peewezel: Friends gave it to me after we watched a movie called “Gang Law”. There was a guy in the movie which we were alike: Our height, the way we talk and among others

Dela: Where in the country do you originate from?

Peewezel: I am from Ghana, a town called Asante Mampong

Dela: How long have you been in the music business?

Peewezeel: Professionally, I started in 2007 but I was doing my own thing as a musician for a long time then

Dela: Why did you intend doing music and nothing else?

Peewel: I do a lot of things People don’t know. I am a video director and I am setting up an industry which will be working on artifacts like bags, shoes, metal works, ect. Actually that is what I did in KNUST and I don’t want to throw that part of me off.

Dela: How well are you able to combine both production and directing together?

Peewezel: All is about management, if you know how to manage your time you can do it

Dela: Which year did you go to KNUST?

Peewezel: I went to KNUST after I have graduated from Pope John Senior High School in 2001.

Dela: You are known to be the originator of Cue Records, how true is that?

Peewezel: Yes, The Cue is a brotherhood turned a record label which was started in Kumasi by four young talents who realized that the city’s crop of talent was going to waste because they lacked the right avenues and knowledge to promote themselves. The idea was to come together and in our own small capacity aid each other in bringing to the fore front our various talents. The four friends, Lloyd OseiBaffoura.k.aPeewezil (Producer), Mark Vorsah (Advertizer), David Carter (Interior designer) and KojoAmankwaaa.k.aKo-Jo Cue (Rapper/Journalist). CUE is sometimes broken down as Can U Educate? Can U Empower? Can U Entertain? And a number of other positive words that begin with E.

Dela: How long has Cue been in existence?

Peewezel: 3 years

Dela: Can you name some of the challenges that came your way when Cue was being set up?

Peewezel: Finances, it wasn’t easy to have artistes who are all not expecting something from you when there were not enough funds to finance those things. Also, location to setup and we also had difficulties getting our songs on radio.

Dela: Where was your first studio setup?

Peewezel: My first setup was I my room at school, Katanga.

Dela: How was the experience like during that period?

Peewezel: It wasn’t easy to come out with good mix because of the environment.
We use to spend time on a project to come out with a good mix and that helped me to develop my talent because the more you work the more you gain experience

Dela: When did you professionally setup a studio?

Peewezel: Working professionally as a producer was from 2007 but setting up my own studio was in 2009 after completing Tech.

Dela: How did people tend to patronize when you began professionally?

Peewezel: I met some coincidentally and some I started with them, E nice formerly Elijah of Echoe was my hall mate

Dela: Tell us about you studio in Bantama

Peewezel: Yes, that was in 2010. I had two (2) studios in Bantama

Dela: Why did you choose Kumasi and nowhere else?

Peewezil: I started and built my clientele there so I found it prudent to start and gain grounds there. As at now we are in Accra. (Let me make something clear, we are targeting Africa not Kumasi).

Dela: How has production in the capital city been different from that in Kumasi?

Peewezel: Our style of production hasn’t change, though we upgrade our sound quality and mixing techniques

Dela: Can you strike the difference between the productions of music in Accra to that of Kumasi?

Peewezel: The difference is with the people and how they perceive art.

Dela: Have you ever produced a song which had your own voice on it?

Peewezel: (Chaley pressure ohhh), I get some session like that and I was on Cabum’s Yaw Berma. That was about 5years ago.

Dela: How far did that project go?

Peewezil: It got some air play waves in Kumasi but didn’t go that far.

Dela:  Do you plan of doing anything of that sort again?

Peewezel: For now NO, but I can’t tell what is going happen in the future.

Dela: People do think that music, especially rap music is for the illiterates. What is your say to that?

Peewezel: It’s very false, arts rule the world and it takes an intelligent person to do art very well. Those who see it otherwise just don’t know and appreciate art.

Dela: If you had the chance to change something in the industry now, what would it be?

Peewezel: The industry is okay as it is. Art is something that is perceived by everybody in their own way; that is why we can’t score 100% for an art piece.

Dela: How was the feeling like when a song you produced went international? (Atumpan’s the thing)

Peewezel: I was very excited. Firstly, that Atumpan was choking such success and secondly, for the fact that my work was being recognized internationally.

Dela: Which artiste have you enjoyed working most with and why?

Peewezel: Cabum, because he always make justice to my beats.

Dela: What moment in your music career have you regretted most?

Peewezel: I have never had any regrets and I hope to never have any.

Dela: You have been nominated for Ghana Music Award before, true?

Peewezel: Yes, for the best producer of the year.

Dela: How was the feeling like when you were nominated?

Peewezel: I was happy about that.

Dela: How was the feel then, when you lost that award?

Peewezel: Normal, its good people recognized my works.

Dela: What advice do you have for young people who want to do music?

Peewezel: They should work hard and stay true to their dreams.

Dela: What is your expectation for your career and the Ghanaian music?

Peewezel: To leave footprints for others to follow.

Dela: Your last words to your friends

Peewezel: They should watch out for my afro pop album coming soon

[Credit: @Cofydela]

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