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YAWA ALERT: Kobi Rana is a Homosexual; Rap Phada tells it all.

Ghanaian actor and musician, Kobi Rana, is being accused of attempting to sexually abuse a young man, who was interviewed by Is it really true or is the man trying to tarnish Kobi Rana’s reputation?
The young man mentioned that he got to know Kobi Rana via Facebook. According to the young man, Kobi Rana insisted on seeing him. While the man was sleeping, Kobi Rana was carressing him. The man screamed: “Hey! Kobi!”. He pushed Kobi Rana afterwards. He told him that he didn’t like what he was doing. Kobi Rana then laughed. If it’s really true that he’s gay, then that’s sad.Because i don't understand why u'll chose Ass instead Pussy.
 Below is the facebook chat between the two.

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