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#GJGIST: Branding In Ghana Music

In our Music Industry today, lots of things are going on, for which some are taking into consideration, whiles others are over looked. One of the most vital things some of our artistes do not pay much attention to, but seems to be setting them back is “Branding”. Branding is a must have heard word by many, but I am wondering how many of these people have taken it into consideration, especially our music arts.
Branding, can be termed as a practice which involves a company, organizational body, an institution, etc helping to get their “brand(s)” name(s) to become well-known.
Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's product distinct from those of other sellers”.

Branding as I have stated earlier, is one factor that most of managers and musicians in the industry over look and is making things tougher for them. One may be asking numerous questions why some good and even better artiste started doing music over the years with all the support they needed (Label, management, etc.) but yet they have not gotten into the main stream. The answer is simple; it is just that they have not made any attempt to distinct (brand) themselves from other artists which has yet still kept them upcoming (underground).

On the other hand, music brands, can also tend not to follow strictly the trends of other known music arts but learn something from them and add their own unique skills which will distinct them from others.

But to testify, most managers, record labels, as well as musicians are doing extraordinary well as far as branding is concern.

To make a change, it begins with you the individual, so my advice for upcoming and existing musicians who wants to get into the main music stream is to ensure that they build up better personalities, work hard, distinct (brand) themselves from existing ones and keep on with the good work, for one day they shall see their light at the end of the tunnel.
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