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GJGIST: Cofy Dela's Interview with Azee

Originality they say, "is the hallmark of a genius, not perfection", this is what one of the renowned engineers in the country believes in.  Being a teacher, he loves to produce music along side and believes his Crew has the hottest Mc’s in Kumasi and the whole nation now. Enjoyed to the end

Dela: What have you been up to recently?

Azee: Trying to survive and keep up the pace I have already set

Dela: How did your beat making begin?

Azee: Everything began after S.H.S when I was waiting for my results, I used 2 rap at S.H.S so I developed an interest for beat making whiles I was home doing nothing after S.H.S so I got fruity loop 3 and that was how everything began

Dela: Do u still rap?

Azee: I dropped that soon as I started beat making

Dela: Where did you have your second cycle education?

Azee: Opoku Ware Secondary School (OWASS)

Dela: How was the rap talent during school days?

Azee:  Not really impressive, I was only rapping because I felt I could do it

Dela: What has been your motivation?

Azee: My motivation comes from my desire to make it big in life. Since S.H.S, I had a feeling I’m born to make it in life at all cost. Since so many things happened to me in S.H.S which could have cost my education but I still survived. So I think I’m a survivor

Dela: When did u begin sound engineering professionally?

Azee: In the first half of 2009 when I was in my third year in KNUST

Dela: Can you clearly recall the first song you ever produced during that
Azee: Yes

Dela: What was the title?

Azee: It was titled obey by a Kumasi artiste called Blazn

Dela: How was the experience like with that first song?

Azee: It wasn’t anything strange since I used to record in my room before then. We used to hang a PC microphone somewhere and record a song.

Dela: Which people can you say have had a great influence on your career?

Azee: Talking of the general public, I will say my girlfriend, when it comes to artiste I will say Microphone, Bradez and Strongman and when it comes to production I will say Hamma of the last two (2) and Dr. Dre and I have always tried to get the same sound quality or better sound quality than Hamma.

Dela: What do u usually do to relax yourself?

Azee: Watching movie and listening to music

Dela: What is the craziest thing you can ever do?

Azee: I can slap the president in public if he talks abusive to ma mum

Dela: You are known to be the CEO of Micburners, right?

Azee: Right

Dela: How long has Micburners been in existence?

Azee: Since the second half of 2010

Dela: Tell me the whole idea about the existence of Micburners

Azee: The Micburners started when I met Microfon and Lenzy Vorsah. We wanted something to represent us as group so we came up with the name Micburners at the time I considered my guys as the hottest in Kumasi
Dela: How well has Micburners influence music in Kumasi?

Azee: Very well, Micburners have produced  some of the  hottest rappers in Kumasi, people like Microfon, Lenzy Vorsah of "Mede b3y3 fresh" fame n Strongman, the new sensation in Ghana music and the next big thing in Ghana hip hop, not only rappers but music producers like myself, Jokole and Ddt

Dela: How many members can you boast of?

Azee: We normally like to work with a small number of people. There are so many of us but we try to work on one person at a time, we are currently on bringing out a new artiste, his name is Slim Khala, this guy is one of  the finest punch line rappers I have ever come across. He is a demon when it comes to rap watch out for him

Dela: What basis do you use in signing artiste to your label?

Azee: No definite order we only look for things beyond what the lay man sees in an artiste. Everyone knows that Micburners in Ghana we breed rappers. We go in for raw talents and polish them into stars and one thing about me is that, I don’t believe in talents as a special gift I know talent to be something you are good at and have worked to improve upon so I work with serious and dedicated guys

Dela: How did you come by strongman?

Azee: I met strongman at the end of 2010 focus fm freestyle Friday; I was a permanent judge on the freestyle Friday show

Dela: How was the feel like when he formed part of the next big thing?

Azee: It was great for him being part of the next big thing show

Dela: Did you have any hands in him joining the show?

Azee: Yes, I was the one who actually texted his name to their short code since he wasn’t interested at first

Dela: How has he emerging the winner affected you n the Micburners Crew?

Azee: Actually it has made the Micburners very popular among music lovers in Ghana. I feel so great when some kids across the streets off Dansoman shout the Micburners when they see you around. It’s a great feeling bro

Dela: How far with the GhOne and Strongman deal after the show?

Azee: Actually GhOne is doing their part but you know it’s not a one day job so they are still doing the rest of what they promised, we are very grateful to them for the platform they have given Strongman to show Ghanaians his capabilities

Dela: How far can this deal take strongman?

Azee: Everywhere he wants to be in Ghana but we are not depending on that deal, we are also doing our separate works. Strongman currently has tracks with seven (7) big artistes in Ghana now

Dela: Name some

Azee: I wanted it to be a surprise but those I can mention are Dobble, Yaa Pono, Atimbila and Kesse

Dela: How much impact has he had on Ghana music?

Azee: He has had a great impact on Ghana music. He is now rated the most creative artiste in Ghana. Due to this some of our so called big stars are trying 2 learn from him by bringing out good concepts to their songs

Dela: Which artistes would you say in Ghana now is your favorite aside the Micburners?

Azee: R2bees

Dela: As a CEO, what are some of the difficulties that come your way?

Azee: Combing main work as a teacher with music production and artiste management is very stressful, and I have got a serious problem with production since few Djs are willing to help our artiste at a time

Dela: When did u start teaching?

Azee: I entered into education after university, since I wanted to benefit from my degree too.

Dela: Where do you teach?

Azee: I teach in Manso at the Amansie West District, Ashanti.

Dela: Which level are you teaching?

Azee: I teach ICT in JHS

Dela: Why did you move your production to Accra?

Azee: We only moved there to do business because there is the favorable grounds for the kind of business we do. But we have not moved completely we still do some works in Kumasi

Dela: Why the capital city and not else where?

Azee: That is where are goods are readily and easily sold. I didn’t necessarily move to Accra because of studio works but because of my artistes.

Dela: What is it that Kumasi lacks so much that engineers have to move to Accra before their artistes become known (Popular)?

Azee: Music production is a business and you expect to earn a living from it. But is very difficult to make this a business  since the guys doing secular music are not willing to pay good price for the quality of service they get just because you are a producer who lives in Kumasi. Can you believe I charge the same Kumasi guys a double of what I used to charge them when I was in Kumasi after I moved to Accra? They don’t complain, you no why? Because I am in Accra now.

Dela: What would you say differentiate you from others?

Azee: Originality. They say, "The hallmark of a genius is originality not perfection" and so I am focused on what I do

Dela: Which artiste(s) in the country and beyond would you love to produce their songs?

Azee: Seriously I believe in making a hit out of an upcoming artiste(s). That is a good producer, but if I am to choose from Ghana it will be R2bess and Kwabena Kwabena

Dela: Any expectations for Ghana music in the near future?

Azee: A take over

Dela: Which artistes have you enjoyed working with?

Azee: Apart from Strongman, I will say Dobble and Bradez

Dela:  What can you say is the future of Strongman and the Micburners Crew?

Azee: Taking Ghana music to the next level as Hamma of the last 2 said during the next big thing.

[Credit: @Cofydela]

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