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#GJGIST: Is Samini (@samini_dagaati) A Dancehall Art?

Emmanuel Andrews Samini known in show business as Samini (formerly Batman Samini), is a musical artist who hails from the Northern part of Ghana. His genre of music is a mixture of highlife, dancehall, reggae and hip-hop. He started singing in a church choir at the age of 14 and became a professional musician after a musical collaboration with another musician in 1999. His debut album, Dankwasere released in 2004, topped the local music charts for weeks and won two awards at the Ghana Music Awards. The track Linda from the album was a popular hit. He has shared the same stage alongside some giant names in the music industry both locally and internationally. He received international recognition when he was nominated and won the best African musical act at the MOBO Awards in the United Kingdom in September 2006.

Samini as known to be the Samini Music boss has been consistent in the Ghana Music Industry and is still laying his blessings one by one. But the big question I keep asking myself and to which some other people are is that, “Is Samini really a dancehall art?

I hope most of you will bear with me that Samini is one artiste who is known to have produced a couple of good songs and is still keeping the good work going; but to talk of dancehall as a genre I really don’t buy the idea of which Samini  has centered himself to.

Samini as an artiste is known to have a mixture of music genres to which dancehall on its own in not a portion of the genres to which he has even been well endowed with. An artist of his caliber should not go to that extent of colonising himself to a genre but rather extend his scope. If we are all to be frank to ourselves we could testify without any hesitation that the self acclaimed dancehall art (Samini) is far away from what he is claiming to be, if and only if he wants to be noted for the dancehall thing, I then think he should stay true to that aspect and become known for that rather than being an Eagle and claiming to be a Chicken.

This also does not put me in the position of declaring any dancehall art, King, because real geniuses do not have to go about telling people who they really are, for the Holy Bible even says "A tree is known by the kind of fruit it bears." (Matthew 12:33)

[Credit: @Cofydela]

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