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#GJGIST: Elikem proposed to Pokello @ the 2014 VGMAs

“Yes I do” was the reply to Elikem’s proposal when he went down on his knees to ask his boo-Pokello to humbly be his wife.
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Chase lovebirds Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello Nare on the stage of the just concluded 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, brought everything to a standstill when the drama started.
They were both up to present an award for the Best Collaboration of the Year (a feat which Kwabena Kwabena ft Samini won with their ‘Adult Music’ song) , until the overwhelming act took its toll.

Elikem after speaking for few minutes, sought for the audience’s permission to lovely ask for his woman’s consent.

His answer went beyond just that of Pokello’s “Yes”, but with arguably the entire Ghana witnessing the ‘POLIKEM’ brand erasing every stories and doubts whatsoever that has been running in some sections of the media.

In accordance to showing that they are fully in support of the beautiful scene, the entire auditorium stood up with a thunderous clap to concur.


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