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#GJGIST: Joselyn (@Joselyn_Dumas) is every man’s dream woman” – John Dumelo (@johndumelo1)

For several weeks, the grapevine has being buzzing with rumors of a “secret love affair” between two of Ghana’s top movie icons, John Dumelo and Joselyn Dumas, especially following their roles in
Shirley Frimpong Manso’s latest movie, Love or Something Like That.

The two have finally broken their silence on the simmering rumor in separate interviews with Graphic Showbiz.

Dumelo in a telephone chat with this reporter said, “Yes, I have heard about the rumors and all I have to say is that, for now, we are paddies (very good friends) but anything can happen.

“Joselyn is every man’s dream woman and I love how she is. She is a nice person. We talk on a daily basis and there is some chemistry between us and for that reason I would never say never because anything can happen under the sun,” Dumelo added.

He gave hints about something that happened on set during the shooting of Love or Something Like That, that literally made him feel that he and Joselyn had a “thing” for each other.

“You know, any time there was a kissing scene that Joselyn and I were involved in and the director shouted, “cut, cut, cut,” we continued kissing for about 30 seconds before we stopped and that should tell you that we are very close,” he said.

Dumelo said currently, he is not married but he is dating a lady, whose identity he would want to keep away from the public eye.

“So how would she feel if she reads all that you have said about Joselyn Dumas,” Showbiz asked Dumelo. “Well, it is just like me saying that the socialite, Kim Kardashian or singer, Beyonce is every man’s dream woman, and I love the way they are. I do not think that should upset her”.
When Showbiz spoke to Josleyn about the issue, she also said she was a good friend to Dumelo, “and that is all”. “It is interesting the way people are discussing the two of us in the media. All I can say is that John and I are close friends”.

Commenting on the movie, Love or Something Like That, John said the Director, Shirley Frimpong Manso must have had a good reason to put the two together as husband and wife, as the rapport that exists between them helped to bring out the best in them.


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