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#GJGIST: 10 Qualities Men Want In A Woman

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be model-thin and wear the hottest designer fashions to attract a good man. Actually, the kind of man that is interested in those things is probably kind of shallow. A lot of guys can tell from a first date whether a lady is one that he would want to take home to mama. Here are the real things that guys look for in a keeper.

1. Smarts. The airhead is out and the brainiac is in. A dude worth having wants a lady on his arm that can hold a conversation and hold her own in the world. He wants a true partner.

2. Confidence. Believe it – no guy wants a clingy girl. A real man wants a woman who knows how to carry herself with confidence and dignity.

3. Cool. Laid back. Be a lady that can relax. Let’s be real – no man likes a nag, so please be cool and let the little things go. Don’t go too far and be one of the boys, but make him feel as if he can relax around you.

4. Don’t be a material girl. It’s not cool all. A good guy does want to buy things for you and treat you well, but he does not want a lady that demands the latest in fashion, cars, etc.

5. Be spontaneous. Surprise him now and then. Think of something out of the ordinary to do that you wouldn’t do on your own but you know he would like. Go to a game with him. In fact, you buy the tickets!

6. True. Be honest. No silly games. No beating around the bush. He has to be able to trust you or it will be over before it started.

 7. Be playful. Make jokes and laugh at his! To tell you the truth, being a little silly and fun now and then can actually be sexy. If you can make a guy laugh, he will remember that big time and cherish you for it.

8. Sexy. Of course you have to be that. And that does not mean dressing like a ho or giving it up on the first date. Be a woman. Be confident and love being feminine. Do the things that make him look for you in a crowd. Know how to touch him and look at him in a way that makes him smile. Men love sex… it’s that simple. But sexiness is a whole other subject.

9. Be independent. You don’t have to be with him all the time. You can still have fun with your girls or even be happy with a night on your own to catch up on a book or shopping.

10. Be there for him. Be supportive. Guys want friends in their women. There are things they don’t want to talk about with their male friends, and you should be willing to listen instead. Don’t mama him too much; just be that shoulder now and then when he needs it. Bottom line: be real, be happy and be ready!

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