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#GJMUSIC: Nakie & Rikah - Shots On Shots (Prod by Dze Boss Tunez))

This is the most anticipated and long awaited song from the camp of Kumasi's music assassin camp by name "Tunez World of Entertainers" which features most of the dopest emcees Kumasi ever have. This team is engineered by the mix master, the cypher King, the ruler "A Bantama King" A.K.A Dze Boss Tunez.
This song was originally done by Nigerian's Ice Prince and Ghanaian best emcee Sarkodie. These two girls took a giant step by selecting a beat which has mercilessly been murdered by these two African artists.
Nakie, famously known among her peers as Ghana's Nickie Minaj, went in first paving way for her sister Rikah on the second verse.
Download this master piece and as you always do, leave your comment if these two assassins did not really killed the beat. This tune is baaaaard!!!!!!

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