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#ExclusiveNews: Diamond Appiah (@DIAMONDAPPIAH) Throws First Punch As A Politician… Fights NPP Man

Singer and actress turned politician, Diamond Appiah has revealed that members of the New Patriotic Party, NPP are threatened by her move to contest as Member of Parliament for Trobu Constituency in Accra.

She said this in a reply to a comment an NPP man called PK Sarpong made about her political ambition which did not go well with her.
Mr. Sarpong on Facebook advised Diamond to think twice about the party she has joined.
Diamond who is contesting for MP on the ticket of United Progressive Party, UPP in a sharp reply told PK Sarpong to give his advise to the NPP flag bearer for the 2016 elections, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.
Why do NPP Politicians always attack other Politicians Minding their business? I know y’ll feel threatened by move to take your parliamentary seat since ur MP didn’t improve the Living Conditions of the People in Trobu constituency and everything there is a mess.
The Voters of Trobu are fed up with his incompetence n can’t wait to Vote him out so keep dreaming whiles we keep Winning. If u have any advise kindly give it to Nana Akuffo Addo cos he is the biggest looser of the Century and keeps loosing at every elections in this country thus wasting the resources n of ur party n stop worrying abt us..Cry your own cry PK Sarpong #TheVoiceOfThePeople #WomenforParliament
Hours after Diamond’s attack, PK who felt offended also went hard on the aspiring Member of Parliament for Trobu Constituency.
Diamond Appiah, I am not attacking you because you are a woman. Neither do I make it my hobby to pull down people for no apparent reason. Like I told you, you do not qualify to represent even an electoral area as assembly woman, let alone a whole constituency. You would be a disaster if the people of Trobu make you their MP. You seem to think my fixation on your bid to go to Parliament is premised on the fact that you are a woman. Diamond Appiah, as far as I am concerned, you are not a woman. You are just a girl! You are too immatured to be considered a woman. You are an apology of a parliamentary candidate.
 Such a mistake of a person should not be allowed to enter the august house of Parliament. You lack the mental fortitude to be an MP. I thought you would even contest on the ticket of the NDC since you campaigned for them in the last elections.

Your penchant for insulting Nana Addo confirmed that you are hollow in the mind. The next time you engage me, do not extend it to the noble man Nana Addo and Ken Agyapong. Like I told you, you need a great deal of growing up to do in this space.

You said if I were a good candidate, my party might have selected me to represent my constituency, that is laughable! But, Diamond, if I contest as president with your flagbearer, Odike, I would beat him to pulp. Do not compare yourself to me in this game, Madam. You are so green. Like I advised you, this is not business as usual. You can take Delay and Yvonne Nelson to the cleaners, and they may keep quiet, but do not ever try to extend it to me, for you would not like me that much. You are only wasting the EC’s paper by filing your nomination. This is your last warning. If you ever make Nana Addo your target, you will be sorry, Diamond Appiah!