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#ExclusiveNews: Kwabena Kwabena (@kwabenalive) Says Glo Deal Was A Disappointment

Multiple award-winning contemporary highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena has revealed that his time with Glo  as ambassador did not add any value to his musical career, and the Glo deal was a disappointment.

Kwabena Kwabena in an interview with Mr. Sqny on the “Homestretch”(Late Afternoon Show) on Melody 91.1FM in Takoradi revealed that he parted ways with Glo because the telecommunications network failed to fulfill their promises.
“For me, I feel that as a brand, they failed in so many thing they had to do for most of the ambassadors. The events Glo also promised to organize for the ambassadors for them to be able to be active and be doing what they have to do, they didn’t organize even one of them,”Kwabena Kwabena disclosed.
The “Asor” hitmaker added that Glo’s inability to fulfill their promises did not affect his musical career that much because he is more into organizing his own events.
“I wouldn’t say it affected me because I’m a kind of artiste who does mostly private events than commercial events. But if we take a look at some of my colleagues who mostly are on events sponsored by telecommunication companies, you realize that they lost big time because the moment you sign for one, you can’t be on the other platform”. He said.
According to him, his time with Glo did not add anything valuable to his career, but it rather took something from him. He stressed that, there is nothing he can point out and say that Glo did for him, therefore the telecommunications network is just a disappointment.
Kwabena Kwabena finally advised his fellow musicians to ‘look before they leap’ anytime they are signing a deal with a telecommunication network.
Story by: Godfrey Ainoo