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#ExclusiveNews: Wearing A Hat Is Part Of My Brand- Kalybos (@iamkalybos)

Comical actor, Kalybos has debunked rumours that the usual hat he wears is associated with any magical powers.

According to him, the hat is part of his brand as a comical actor and it has now become an identity that many associate him with. Kalybos was of the view that it is necessary for every individual to be branded with an identity,so one can be easily noticed, hence he opting for a hat to be identified with.
Speaking in an interview on the Delay show, kalybos said “There is nothing special about the hat. I started with three, now I have over 70 and counting. Most are gifts from friends. Also I am a shy person especially when it comes to interpersonal relationship, so the hats serve as a covering for me.
Known in private life as Richard kweku Asante, kalybos also disclosed that he is in a serious relationship and hopes to keep the person from the media. He also added that he is not a womanizer as perceived, but that he would date one woman at a time.
“I am not a womanizer; I do one lady at a time. I am not a china phone to date many women at a time.  I am in a relationship for long. She does not want her name in the public domain, so I would not mention her name”, he revealed.
Kalybos aslo denied media reports that he is gay or a homosexual. Kalybos explained that his feminine mannerisms are attributed to gestures he picked from his favourite American actor, Johnny Deep.  According to him, Johnny Deep of pirates of the Caribbean fame is known to act like a drunk, so he de decided to copy his style and change it a bi, hence adding the feminine aspect.
“I love women waai. My favourite actor Johnny Deep acts like a drunk but I am changing it to make it look funny and feminine in some parts. I am straight paaa.  I would fit into delay’s criteria of men, because I believe I have been branded as Ghana’s Chris Brown look alike”, he reiterated.
Kalybos who is of the believe that he is working hard to sustain his brand in the industry, indicated that he has no competitior’s in the industry, as he is in competition with himself. He further added that comedy in Ghana is fast growing and that as a comic actor, he will one day challenge himself to do standup comedy, so Ghanaians should watch out for him.
Kalybos hails from Kumasi-yeji and is a brand ambassador for mobile network Airtel. He became popular with Ahoufe Patri thorough their short videos on YouTube dubbed Boys Kasa.