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#ExclusiveNews: Writing Songs Begun In Primary 5 – Benk Moni (@BraaBenk)

After years of music, Benk Moni has gained more attention with his single “ Mmaa Wo Adum ” .
Benk has disclosed that he started writing songs in primary 5 about teenage pregnancy, cleanliness, drug abuse etc.
He added,

“It was like an essay for me but I started rapping in 2008 after high school. ”
He again made it known that his mixtape , “P.O.R.N” (Pissed Off Right Now) gained great porpularity amongst his target audience and thus sees that as a good achievement.
Interestingly, Benk first heard his song on radio in his room after paying payola.
He said,
“I was in my room expecting it. I paid payola so they told me the time they were gonna play.”
Getting back into time, he recalls some demeaning moments along his career. Typically, he remembers an incident where an event host took the microphone from him claiming there was not enough time amongst other incidents.
However, he has still been positive about all those moments till date since that has prepared him mentally to pursue the “game” with much positive attitude.
“Braa Benk” as he’s affectionately called by his comrades believes he can’t be compared with any other artiste because he has a unique style with the requisite originality to survive in the world music scene.
He is a very fashionable person with the right sense of style that compliments his self concept due to his love for Art and the Arts.
Stressing more originality, he knows for a fact that, it is the only attribute that distinguishes him from other talents. He was quick to add that Ghana should keep an eagles watch for his new album titled “M.O.N.I” literally meaning, (Meet Oseikroms New Icon) which presents a different feeling, a total new wave.
Source: Cofy Dela