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#ExlusiveNews: Get To Know Rapper Ayat (@Ayatmaq)

Being born; bred and still in Madina , he has won the hearts of industry professionals , with the likes of Da ’ Hammer of the Last 2 and top notched hip hop artiste s such as C- Real, M.anifest and many more.

With passion and determination being the driven force, he is no other than the hip hop messenger Ayat.
Most people didn’t know that Billy BanGer has always been Ayat, a side from it being his real name; his first rap moniker was Mr. Ayat. So it was a “sankofa” move really, realizing the power in the name and going back to it.
Madina’s very own, born, bred and still there, he went to Madina Islamic JHS, then West Africa Senior High for his secondary education, did a couple courses at IPMC and got admission to university but dropped out, rapper clichés lol.
Growing up, he had the influence of artiste s like JayDee, Lil Wayne, Lil Bow W ow, Eminem, Jay Z, Lord Kenya, Obrafour and Mobile Boyz .
This is what he had to say in addition,

“JayDee, I think Alampan is one of the best HipHop songs ever, Lil Wayne is also an influence, I had his Tha Block Is Hot album on cassette in Junior high, I listened to it religiously, growing up I also listened to Lil Bow wow, I had Eminem’s Marshall Matters album on cassette too, Jay Z’s Blueprint was always with me. I listened to Lord Kenya, Obrafour and Mobile Boyz this was around 2002 to 2006.”

He got into the industry professionally after rebranding in 2015. According to him, the Ghanaian music has had an influence on his craft; that is, blending of African language and style, with western sounds and techniques. He likes to b l end genres to create something different, I t’s local yet mainstream, which is very appealing to listeners.
This is what he said when asked if Hausa inter-woven with English has been great trade mark for his craft

“It’s the best thing I did for myself musically, i t has opened a lot of doors, got me a lot of exposure, and fans too. It’s crazy to see people trying to learn Hausa because of my music, it’s wonderful. ”

Ayat, has no one or group of principal subjects he center his songs on per se, he is a musician and make music about everything and anything, he get inspired by women, children, money, life, rage, joy, pain, etc and channel that into music. So his subject always varies.
According to him, his target demography are always on their smart phones so technology is a major tool for him, social media is another great tool to reach fans and potential listeners alike. He want s the next generation to view Ayat as that guy , who pursued his passion in the midst of doubts, met his idols, achieved his goals, and had lots of fun in the process .
When asked of his favorite rappers now, he said

“Kid CuDi, Akan, Kanye West, Roy Wood$, Wande Coal, Burna Boy, D Jones, Bryan The Mensah, MeDiKal, WizKid, Allan Kingdom, Chronixx, Damien Marley, Salif Kietta, Imogen Heap, Okunta Kinte, a lot really lol.”

Again, he wish any investors who wants to invest in his craft, pick up phone, s end him a DM/ t ext him so you all get the money.
The hip hop messenger, Ayat wish to have WORLD DOMINATION in 6 years, a house hold name across Africa and the best the continent has to offer.
Source: Cofy Dela