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#ExclusiveNews: All You Need To Know About Soul Singer Lefttizzle (@lefttizle)

Daniel Bioh, known by his stage moniker Lefttizle, is a Ghanaian Afro pop musician and dancer.
Leftizle is popular not only for his talent and charisma, but his energetic stagecraft as well.

With a contagious passion for music, Lefttizle’s budding career started began in 2011, but he veered off music to temporarily pursue his second love - dancing.

Dancing would open doors for him, getting him affiliated to the dance crew of celebrated music duo Bradez.

Having carved a niche for himself in the dance field over the years, Lefttizle was inspired by Bradez member Kunta Kinte to go back into music.

Thus it was unsurprising that he featured Bradez in his debut single ‘’Tell me’’, which was released in February 2013.

Lefttizle has since worked with artistes including Flowking Stone and Cabum, and has claimed to be inspired by Kunta Kinte, Chris Brown, P Square and Wizkid.

Lefttizle hopes to take the world by storm by hitting the international market in the coming years.

Credit: Cofy Dela