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#GJNews: Get Familiar With "De Gongman" Jah Phinga (@JahPhinga)

From the word go,he has been adequate, uniform, proportionate, & equitable, his life has also revolved around art from birth, there's even a possibility he has art in his DNA. He is an adventure to the adventurous; he stays true to himself and the sky is the starting point of his ability, so long as music is real,there's no limit to how many ears he can grab.

Jonathan Woelin Segbefia otherwise better known as Jah Phinga aka De Gongman was born in Dansoman a suburb of Accra. He is the seventh of eight children to Mr Julius Segbefia and Ellen Asafo. He was raised between Greater Accra Region, Volta Region and some parts of Eastern Region due to the nature of his fathers work.

He attended Chemu Senior High school where he offered Visual arts and completed 2008. Because his father was an artist, he worked most at times with him after completion of his second circle institution. He specialized  mostly  in wood work, he did both teaching and learning materials  for schools and also printed badges among other art related materials that helped schools  in learning he worked  mostly  for schools, churches, companies and individuals.

He's achievements with arts is enormous but what pleases his heart most is his customers satisfaction with his work, that was all that mattered to him. Leadership by example, his father was a very good listener of radio, his radio never went off and for a fact Phinga was with him all the time therefore the habit automatically anchored into him. Furthermore his father was again a very big fan of reggae and country music so music was part of him. With Jonathan always locked up around his father like padlock, he was easily influenced and exposed to a lot of music more than any other thing and before  he knew, he was captured as well, at age 11 he could write his own hooks and record them on tape recorders. This was how his music journey started. Upon his father realizing his son was becoming lyrically inclined and harmonious silky voiced, he bought him a walk-man and at a point in time he even forced me to join the church choir,which triggered and propelled his passion and burning desire for music beyond limits.

Jah Phinga's music is a million in one diversified style of a kind because he is the truest extension yet expression of himself. He believes in originality, he blends his lyrics with words from his mother tongue; Ewe, so people will be aware of where he hails from. An African indigenous style like his is rare nowadays. Categorically he does reggae/dancehall and Afro pop as a selected genre of music. He had always loved music right from his infancy, immediately he realized he knew what was sound, lyrics and melody. All thanks to his father.

He is the type of artist who believes in versatility, though he does more of reggae/dancehall and Afro pop based on the exposure he had growing up, he also loves to explore other genres equally because music doesn't have to be limited it must be a way of freedom.

His has an angelic and captivating voice that makes everybody want drown into his pool of music; very natural and bubbly. His song composition is deep seeded in that life, humanity and the things that happens around us as humans inspires his lyrics. He loves to relate everything he sings about to what is happening around us as humans. You'll find yourself in paradise when you witness him perform and sing, he does it best. Talking of performance, he was featured on ‘Rhythms TV which was aired on  GTV,he has also performed on big stages that has seen a huge number of patrons attending; SaminiFest 2012 at Tamale Sports Stadium, Bless My Community Concert at Ashaiman, Kasapreko Dancehall Night at Labadi Beach, Necessary Evil Album Lunch at Trade Fair, Nightingale 2016 at Ho Poly, Mama Hogbe 2015, Ho Yam Festival Street Carnival,New Year Rave 2016 and SalaFest.

He has also been to countless auditions such as  Mentor 5, Vodafone Icons mixed edition, King of the Mic and MTN Project Fame, which according to him were all in vein,but along the line,  Hitz Discovery unearthed him as a talent and he commendably was able to make it to the finals. He got fully involved in music when he was in senior high school in 2005 because there was a lot of events that assisted him and other talented individuals to explore whatever talent they had.He was even part of a group called EP Unit back in senior high school.

His goals as a musician is to sell his style of music globally and having people from all walks of life loving the vibe that comes  from the part of his world and culture.Jah Phinga is focused on creating a befitting brand for himself,win hearts all by conquering Ghana first, Africa second and the world. It's his dream and as a matter of fact, he's working tirelessly to be able to perform all over the world and to people from all walks of life for them to be aware of the power of music made in Africa and the good vibe of Ewe language. Music makes life beautiful because music itself is life, it revives the soul if i should come back to this world a million times i will do music a million times .There's no life without music, he laments.

He has countless songs due to the fact he never stops writing but for the ones that he has recorded, mastered and released will be about 50 songs thereabout. On featuring and collaborations,Jah Phinga has worked with Shatta Wale 2014 VGMAs artite of the year, Vybrant Faya (may his soul rest in perfect peace), MP Tri, Donzy of International Award winning rapper Sarkodie’s Rap University, BET and 2015 VGMA Artiste of the year Stonebwoy. Internationally, he has collaborated with Jamaica’s sensational artiste DiThree, Ms Staks from Alabama (America) and Kinetical From Austria, I Henry From Portugal; he has voiced on lots of riddims internationally. It's very important to note Jah Phinga is not signed to any record label, he is clearly and fearlessly creating a trademark for himself and getting a spot for himself as well, if he should get a label, he'll erupt like volcano. This is because he is a 100% potential superstar, no two ways.

He has a lot of projects in the pipeline. In fact the pipeline is choked, he's currently working with a team in Austria which he will be releasing his very first album,he is also collaborating with South African R&B singer CINY on a 6 track EP,and he will also be shooting a video for one of his songs dubbed "HOLD ME", then again he will be releasing couple of singles very soon, whiles he will always be in the music laboratory recording new songs. Which promises to be on a regular like always. He's truly a force to reckon with, he has sea full of musical surprises.

Written by;John Claude Tamakloe.