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#GJNews: Sel Kofiga (@_selkofiga) : Memorised Expressions

Sel Kofiga is a contemporary African Creator with so much to offer to the art community. I don’t know anything about seeing faces of people during my day and going back home to paint memories of the expressions they wore on their faces, I do not think in pictures and colours, but Sel Kofiga does in ways nobody can imagine, and that is what makes him unique.

Sel’s painting which he exhibited at the Brazil House for the ChaleWote2017 is self-explanatory, they are images of people wearing diverse expressions and they are all unknowns to him, just shadows from his walking days in the Ghanaian sunny street. How does he do it? We don’t know. But we love the message being passed across by the painter who has been painting for as long as he remembers. 
Sel Kofiga paints expressions he considers a protest, expressions he feels are caused by the strife Ghanaian citizens go through and the mask struggle has worn on their faces. And masks are hard to take off. See why below.