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#GJNews: Guru (@Gurunkz) Unfollows Everyone On Instagram, Here’s Why

NKZ music artiste Guru has unfollowed everyone on instagram.

The rapper giving reasons for his action has said that he wants to be alone for a while without seeing what is happening in the world
Speaking on Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix show, Guru disclosed that he is sick and tired of seeing posts from same people so he decided to click the unfollow button just to think about his life.
“At times you just want to see something new. I’m sick and tired of always seeing the same thing.
I just want to be out of the outside world. I just want to be in my field and see whatever is going on.
It is just a change I want to experience now but I will bounce back to how I used to see people’s post” he told host of the show, Zionfelix.
The old boy of Reverend John Teye Memorial School further said the “juju” one of his close friends used against him months back also influenced his decision to unfollow everyone on Instagram.
Guru has 98,000 followers but follows nobody.